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Absrtact: 2012? What do you think? Past style? A synonym for the end of the world? Ha, we all walk over, whether you think and don't want to, look forward to do not expect, 2013 are safe to come, is not very looking forward to the rebirth of 2013, is not thinking about how to live this special

2012 What do you think of? The end of the world? Ha, we all go over, whether you want to and do not want to look forward to, 2013 are safe to come, is not very looking forward to the "rebirth" of 2013, is not want to how to live this special New year, we think of what, reunion? Spring Festival? All things originate? For this "rebirth "The Spring Festival, in addition to dreams and expectations, and some warmth!"

I'm in the GUI group to deliver this warm spring festival, we are one months ahead of time to discuss the brand logo of the spring Festival GUI design, first a brainstorming bar, the people divergent thinking, the idea of a lot of all of a sudden, this can be all the customs have chatted, this will you will lament China's vast territory, You can also see all over the customs are very attached to the Spring Festival Reunion, a family of 30 years. In fact, in the folk, the traditional sense of the Spring Festival is from the month of 23, until the first year XV. New Year's Eve, we will decorate their own home, hanging lanterns, stickers couplets, cutting window grilles, cleaning, etc., the Lantern Festival, everyone will go to the lantern, watch all kinds of beautiful, wonderful lanterns. We will chat out some of the key words on the whiteboard, there are dinner, pictures, playing rice cakes, lion dance, Fireworks, God of wealth, firecrackers couplets, paper-cut window grilles and so on; the key words of the Lantern Festival: guessing riddles, dumplings, lanterns, fireworks, moon and so on.

Spring Festival Silhouette

Looking at the key words written out, our heads jumped out a variety of New year scenes. The first scenario is: the old tile-roofed tiles are covered with "annual surplus", "Spring Festival" and other words of the new Year pictures, the eaves hung with red lanterns, children knot Group with friends in the road set off firecrackers, the sky fireworks and firecrackers, a pair of lively and extraordinary scene. The second scene: New Year's Eve parents finally hope to return to the outside struggling children, we together around the table to talk and laugh, narrating a variety of missing, everyone's face are blooming happy flowers. Then think of the arrival of the Lantern Festival: This day, the bright moon hanging high in the sky, the night sky blooming colorful fireworks, the spring festival scene of the children sitting on his father's shoulder lantern to catch the Lantern, the night sky blooming colorful fireworks. After describing the idea of Spring Festival and Yuanxiao, found that a series of scenes are linked to the story, rather than discontinuous, so presented to the user is a storyline, so that users can realize the true meaning of the body near its feeling, as if we were a child is how the Lantern festival scene, Is this New year logo more intimate, continuous, and cognitive? Here are some hand-drawn drawings at the time.

Line Sketch

After discussing the several scenarios described above, we also analyzed the application of these programs to the actual effect, to the user to take the feeling, feel that the Spring Festival scheme a more suitable, because the scheme II more suitable for the New Year's Eve, a short time to foil the atmosphere, the first scheme more in line with the Spring Festival period for a long time contrast. In order to make the scene before and after the continuity, so that users experience a cordial feeling, the Lantern Festival program is the child carrying a lantern sitting on his father's shoulders shopping lantern. After we've discussed the solution, we're going to paint it, in order to allow the atmosphere map to apply to each platform, the beginning of ai vector design, Zi-woo gave us some advice, think the effect of drawing out with Ai too sharp, tough, no hand-painted feeling, and texture effect on the theme of the Spring Festival will appear sharp some, Just as I found a picture of Taiwan, we saw the pictures (pictured below) think that this kind of pictures to people simple and warm, no sharp feeling, and the use of the screen Tibetan cyan, magenta, blue and other colors, the overall feeling of a lot of retro, just like the children of pure hand painting into, it seems a bit rough, but feel authentic.

Wax painting elements

Then we in the traditional Chinese red color based on the addition of magenta, blue and other tones, making the overall painting wind biased hand-painted, quaint style. Spring Festival is our traditional festivals, so to the characters put on the Tang costume, deepened the picture of the thick Chinese flavor, the building of the choice of glazed tile house, stone steps, because these are often seen in our lives, that is, the distance between the user and added intimacy.

After some of the above, we in the original texture, with a hand-painted board to modify the effect, and then add some of the wax painting elements and clothing transformation, Spring Festival and the effect of the lantern is released.

The clang of the front, after the efforts of GG, on the page on the appearance of our Spring Festival map and lantern. In a Amoy homepage page, logo area background color and narrow version, wide version of the effect of the response-style design, the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival area background color is red and the night sky hidden Blue, red is not very appear to have the new year atmosphere, and then with the Spring Festival Lion dance and Fireworks modelling, full, rich Spring Festival atmosphere Ah! We are technically added to the animation effect of fireworks explosion, more appear to have vitality.

In fact, before designing the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival, we have a small number of GUI groups have a few design results, there are Christmas, New Year's Day, Laba Festival, the following put on a few 2012 years of the atmosphere of the picture to let you recall.

In fact, before making these holiday logos, we have listed some of the logos that can be done in a year, including traditional Chinese festivals and Western traditional festivals, and at present, many of the major events that occurred at the time, in addition to the traditional festivals, are like the 5.12 major earthquakes of the past, as well as the major event related to the company ( Taobao double 11, double 12, Alipay (annual bill), Google (the birthday of famous historical figures, a major invention one day) and so on. We all know that festival culture is a nation or a nation in the long history of the formation and development of national culture, but also a national customs and national habits. We hope that through these festivals and culture to enable users in today's numerous life to understand, feel these cultures, in the emotional reach a resonance. Through this spring Festival atmosphere map creation process, we hope this will be a continuation of the process, whenever you open a Amoy home page or other platform pages, you can feel the holiday to bring you the care, but also we prepare you a special greeting Oh! When the next festival comes, it will give you a different feeling, Different festivals, different ways of expression, each time bring you a memory, a move, a memories ... This will allow us to work hard for the user to bring a memorable time.

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