The Horizon network is having some trouble now.

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Abstract: Recently more intensive received a number of headhunting telephone, said the sky network to recruit products vice president. Just recently I was engaged in job hunting, search-related products, only a social networking site product leader candidates from the recruitment industry to find, I think there are

Recently more intensive received a number of search calls, said the Sky network to recruit vice president of products. Just recently I was engaged in job hunting, search related products, only a social networking site product owner of the candidates from the recruitment industry to find, I feel a bit interesting. So I spent a little time researching the sky net. As far as I'm aware, the horizon network is having some trouble.

Let's review the background of the horizon network. When the Sky Net was acquired by the French, last year, a large sum of money, the French pay great attention to this, the French CEO personally in Beijing to lead the horizon network business, while a large number of French executives stationed in the Sky Network, last year just changed the Horizon Network CEO, the new CEO has a strong e-commerce market promotion background, At the same time, large recruiting staff. In the second half of last year, several of my team's colleagues were dug out. According to the Skyline: Social networking sites, popular parlance, China's LinkedIn, and the acquirer itself is France's largest workplace social networking site, the largest social networking site in the non-English-language department. LinkedIn is listed in the United States and everyone believes that social networking is a good concept.

If you want to do LinkedIn in China, then it would be good to copy it, and it is the French LinkedIn, so why not copy it?

I inquired privately, the sky net real data is relatively bleak, user active degree is very low. The sky after a number of years of operation, I think the copy must have been copied, but unfortunately, copied the effect is not ideal, the data performance is not satisfactory, because the copy is not good, so need to find product owners to break the bureau.

Now let's look at what's bothering the sky:

First of all: low user activity

In fact, social networking, the road in China is difficult to go. This is my understanding of the national conditions.

Thousands of years down, the Chinese people's implicit, restrained, the guard against strangers, leading to the Chinese people's social ability is not strong, beats such people are always around the minority. But the need for social networking is huge, and the market segment is very demanding. That's why social networking sites have a low cost of acquiring users, and a quick reason to get users, because everyone has a pent-up need for social networking, especially in the workplace, who want to go out and meet people.

Social networking seems to me to have 3 goals: 1 Looking for business opportunities, 2 looking for the next job opportunity, and 3 looking for people (including relationships).

-First look for people looking for business opportunities. Such people are destined to be mostly bored in the workplace, mostly in sales and advertising, and they are now the main social-active people. Why I refuse to work on social networking sites is annoying. If this part of the user's ratio control is not good, the product on the disturbance control is not good, the bad currency away from the phenomenon will occur.

-and for those looking for the next job, if they want to find a job soon, the workplace social networking site is not enough to support this demand, and desultory people, their active degree is difficult to ensure that such demand is not rigid enough, not enough to support their frequent social.

-and there are too many websites and channels in China to find like-minded people. In China, strong relationships have been online, with only weak relationships on the line. Want to have no relationship on the line to form a weak relationship and then into a strong relationship between the lines, it takes a lot of energy, and the current value of those at the top, they are busy, very busy, where there is time to consume so much energy online?

So these reasons seem to me to be the reason why Chinese social networking sites are very inactive and really valuable in the middle and high level.

The above reasoning I think also applies to the horizon net, and I also think that the sky must have met the problem I said, since the horizon network positioning is in the workplace social, then their product direction will be like: to achieve the purpose of the user's social networking to provide product support, in order to improve the user's workplace social skills and provide product support.

But if you are serious about using the Horizon Web site, you will find that the sky network they are now the workplace social networking site into the recruitment site, which I can understand why they began to dig from the recruitment site product owners. Of course, in order to improve user activity, from the user's needs to provide products, the product idea itself is not wrong, but too direct, the user is also using the traditional Internet recruitment method to find work, if the sky network does not have the corresponding products to improve the user's ability to social networking, improve the ability of social recruitment, So the current recruitment effect is certainly not good.

This is what I think is the biggest dilemma for them at the moment.

Second: In order to commercialize the dash

If the workplace social networking site has a large number of users, good activity, how do we commercialize it? In my opinion, there are 4 commercial routes:

1 Friends of the workplace (including men and women), in fact, the most powerful just need is the men and women friends, the success rate of friends here will be higher than other sites, fraud is smaller, because the information here is more real, more complete, more reliable.

2 Advertising: The company's financial decision-making power, each professional, especially in the hands of the senior hand will have their own budget, to inform the workplace social networking, you can understand these people have decision-making power, this part of the accurate advertising value is great.

3 Advertising: Personal financial decision-making power, these social information is enough to support the judgment of their own spending power, resulting in the value of precision advertising.

4 Recruitment: The current recruitment market is very large, this year through the network recruitment of enterprises will reach 1 million, the market size of more than 3 billion, and LinkedIn's main income is currently from the recruitment. Most people in the workplace are looking for their next job.

I have analyzed several possibilities for the commercialization of workplace social networking sites, which is to say that recruitment is one of them and the easiest to succeed is a commercial product with demand, a successful precedent, a good job and a big fight. But the premise is sufficient user and active degree.

The problem is that the skyline cannot be the easiest way to commercialize a successful business, and the skyline is made up of a social networking site. At present, the social properties and functions of the horizon network are relatively weak, but the recruitment function is very strong. This is to commercialize the performance of the dash, the foundation has not done well, began to strong commercial road.

So in my opinion, the dilemma of the current Horizon network lies in the premature recruitment of products placed in a too important position, and the lack of a corresponding basis, resulting in the recruitment effect is very unsatisfactory, in turn affect the location of the site.

In my view, the current horizon to do a good job, first of all, the user's ability to social networking, and then the commercial road of social. The skyline should be positioned first as a social platform and then as the best social platform for creating personal brands. All product features and support should be done at this point of demand.

How to be a social networking platform?

To be a social platform, everything needs to be done to increase the degree of activity and viscosity. There must be support for products that produce active degrees. We do things around the workplace. 1 There is an active channel in the sky, but it is too weak, there is no flower focus to do, but also under the line, this is a good channel, Power did not play out, if made an activity platform, we can initiate activities, and convene, at the same time and micro-bo, micro-letter, watercress station and so on, The whole thing was a success. 2 Elite life. Tourism, wine tasting, beauty, sports, fitness, finance and so on, these products are introduced in a cooperative manner, combined into social. Get rid of the current workplace social boring fill information, looking for someone's model, change the lack of life breath, lifeless state.

Through social life, let the user participate in, let the user move up, this is I think the foundation.

And then start to shape the user's personal brand, of course, these two things can start at the same time, not conflict.

How to shape the personal brand, divided into three aspects:

1 What do I say on the horizon?

2 What I say in other places;

3 What others say about me.

Through these three dimensions to shape the personal brand. At present, the horizon net only achieves: 1, what I say on the horizon net. The education information, job information and so on in the sky is what I tell people about myself. But the other two are not involved. This time the Horizon network to do open, to do data to get through, to put my microblog on how to say, I know how to say, are converged. At the same time to what others say I converged. This is comprehensive, information is complete, personal brand to create a three-dimensional, look at the people at ease. In addition, I believe that everyone is very lazy, the busier the more lazy, I really do not want to be on the horizon to improve my information again, the views I once said again, if I can be scattered in other parts of the Internet valuable information aggregation, I think I would like to. In particular, there are a lot of interviews, there are a lot of comments, these are distributed in various places, if these can be aggregated to the horizon of personal brand page, is how powerful amount of one thing.

The horizon has become the personal brand's display position, the horizon becomes the platform which helps the user to establish the personal brand, then all subsequent stories can begin.

So, the road to the product of the Bureau is simply that:

Social life to create → User's active degree, viscosity

Personal brand creation → Commercialization

In conclusion

Through open cooperation: spend one or a year to do the social life platform, improve the user's social ability, all for the user active degree.

Starting from the second year to build a platform for personal branding, the third year to start a complete commercial road, this time to strengthen the recruitment business, even personal charges are entirely possible. Of course, high management capacity, rich resources, some things can be opened at the same time.

The internet to spend energy to do the client products, and then the commercial product follow-up. On the horizon network of the broken Bureau of the road in fact, I also based on this big idea to come. Of course you can correct me.

In addition, the product of the Sky Network small suggestions, this is usually our internal sharing said:

Our idea is through the structure of the page, layout, content, presented to the user, each page we have a main want to express the meaning, there is a major want to allow users to do the behavior.

Tail Language:

It's hard to do the right thing and do the right thing. I know it's not easy to get the sky net done. I am now on the sidelines, through a number of one-sided intuitive information, do some simple analysis, in fact, is standing to speak not waist pain, because the internal information than I see to be more complex, I said these may be the Horizon network analysis, but I do not know it. And even if I say, the social life products, personal branding needs of the support tools, how to work out, are very difficult things.

It is difficult to know the easy.

But I only hope that some of the simple analysis that I have done can be shared and may have some value for some people.

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