The Icehouse in the summer of commercial real estate in Beijing

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Since March this year, the real estate sales all over the country suddenly appeared a long absence of "red fire" situation, so that the real estate business is not expected to the climax of the sale of the industry has been dubbed as the industry ushered in the "small spring."  However, the East Sunrise West Rain, when engaged in residential development of the real estate developers have a lot of time to count themselves from the property market "small Spring" in the harvest, engaged in commercial real estate development of the capital of the real estate business is still looking at a seat to sell not to go out of office building eyebrows locked, do not know how long to endure? As the capital of China, the rental rate of office buildings in Beijing has always been regarded as the vane of commercial real estate in Beijing. In the past few years, foreign-funded institutions in Beijing to set up branch offices, the capital office prices are very strong, each square metre per month on the price of 400 yuan, so that the early intervention of the real estate business to earn a solid, but also for the latter to provide a model effect of money. As a then, a large number of funds poured into the market for gold, office vacancy rate in Beijing gradually increased, but still can be within the scope of the property developers. However, with the gradual transmission of the global financial tsunami to the Chinese market, some foreign institutions can only be "departs Chopped ma su", temporarily farewell to the Chinese market, and the domestic city of Beijing institutions are also facing the possibility of abolition, which has been very narrow Beijing commercial property rental customers have to face a large shrinkage of the dilemma,  Office vacancy rate is also gradually elevated. Relevant statistics show that the vacancy rate of commercial buildings in Beijing is as high as 18.97%. Beijing office rental difficult to stay in one of the gold miners frustrated, a developer in Zhongguancun West development of an office building last month to seek the entire sale, the unit price is only 10,000 yuan/square meters also sales difficult, while the same area of residential average prices in 20,000 yuan/square meters.  This kind of office price and housing price upside down phenomenon is very realistic to reflect the embarrassing situation of Beijing office market. Encounter office Leasing is not only the general property developers, even those real estate development of the brand of office buildings have also been the cold shoulder of the market. As Pan Shiyi's newly developed products, Zhongguancun Soho opening, the old customers accounted for only 4%, this is still in pan Shiyi efforts to mobilize the resources and won the Haidian District government support, promised to the Zhongguancun Soho Project Enterprises to give rent subsidy and other policy concessions after the results.  If not everyone to Panda crocodile face, Zhongguancun Soho rental status can be imagined. Industry insiders believe that the supply of office space and rental demand for a sharp decline in the current capital office vacancy rate is the main reason for the big rise. It is estimated that in the next year, Beijing also has 2.9 million square meters of commercial buildings waiting for the market. In the first quarter of this year, the rental demand in Beijing office market fell by 112%.  This rise and fall below, indicating that the capital of commercial real estate developers in today's midsummer weather still have to continue to do a "winter" preparation. In the face of office leasing, developers have to sacrifice "repeatedlyTry the "Price war" banner. Statistics show that in the third quarter of last year, the capital of CBD and the surrounding area of the average rental level of the overall decline of 12.6%, per square metre monthly rent is only 182.5 yuan, is the lowest level since 2000. Alone on the surface, the capital of the city office seems to have fallen to the freezing point, which also caused some keen sense of smell investors, especially the capital investors interest. After all, office prices and housing prices hanging upside down should not be long, the freezing point of office prices may be the beginning of future investment. In this regard, the capital city people have been to the beat, in the opening of Zhongguancun Soho buyers, Beijing customers to 42% per cent as the project's most important customer base. From this perspective, the capital of commercial real estate is gradually showing the freezing point of the future market warming.
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