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An icon design is good or bad, in addition to good-looking or not, there are functional considerations-whether it is easy and accurate to let users understand what they want to express meaning. The icon (symbol) on each UI is actually a metaphor, using concepts familiar to the real world to describe a function.

One of the factors that affect the expression ability of the icon is the true degree of icon (realism). In the article "Realism-in-ui-design", the author cites the following examples:

The display of icon is not the more real the better. An excellent icon must be cobwebs to remove unnecessary details and not be too drawn. In fact, the perception of an icon is related to the details as follows:

Of course, the first thing to do is to make sure that the image is correct. In particular, to shape some of the concept of image, choose a correct symbol will be the whole design of the most difficult part. MAC Software development company & ">nbsp; Panic's design department has tried more than 20 ways to design Clear buttons:

As a result, the team decided to refer to Apple's approach and write clear. xd

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