The imitation failure of thousand oak net and the combination of Renren and the recent layoffs

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Recently, the Oak Interactive Group announced its two major SNS Web site-Renren and kaixin network to merge. "The merger of the two networks is only part of our long-term strategic development," said Thousand oak sources.  "But some industry personage thinks, in recent years Kaixin network popularity is not flourishing but consumes huge manpower financial resources, plus and kaixin001 network between" true and false happy net "lawsuit not yet understood, happy happy has thousands of Oak's biggest ribs, cause Chen a boat finally through two nets merged lost this" happy "baggage. "Kaixin Nets" imitation failure for 2008 years, in order to and the rapid rise of the Happy Net ( rivalry, Thousand Oak spent huge sums of money from a domain name merchants bought the domain name and created a and kaixin001 almost the same "happy net" (  2009, when thousands of oak "shanzhai net" encounter the industry questioned, Chen release words, "We have to burn 100 million U.S. dollars to prove happy net."  But with the September 20 thousand Oak announced the Kaixin net into Renren, thousands of oak before the huge investment in the water drift, thousands of oak in the huge investments have been unable to recover. Big Bang law firm yunting lawyer to the IT Times reporter said, "Now the two-net merger does show that this is a commercial imitation of the failure of the case, that the imitation of thousands of rubber is not successful, the effect is not good." and from the business ethics point of view, Happy Net ( of this extreme imitation, plagiarism is still a bit problematic.  "Merger prospects unknown Oak Interactive related people to the IT times, said the merged site will have a more comfortable Internet experience, and for the two network users customized" Friends Birthday, Lovers space "and other personalized services. But in the face of the merger of Renren, many netizens still feel a bit at a loss, happy net Netizen Losetai told reporters, "Now on the site feel a bit like a vague fake Facebook, the new site users are not very clear positioning."  "Many happy net and Renren users believe that the merger of the two nets in the end is conducive to the advantages of recycling also need time to test." At the same time, there are media reports that Chen a boat will soon start layoffs plan, cut part of the staff serving in, a panic. The Thousand Oak related personage tells a reporter, "Happy NET and Renren is operated by the same team, the layoff is sheer nonsense." "For the action of the Thousand Oak, kaixin001 operators Beijing Happy People said," Thousand Oak Company will Renren and fake net two sites to merge, and can not change the previous thousand oak company fake happy net infringement of the facts. (Digging the shell net)
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