The impact of cloud computing on 3D technology in movies from "The Extraordinary Spider-Man."

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Along with the continuous development and progress of it technology, the film market with hundred Years ' history has begun to renew its vigor, especially the 3D film and 3D technology, which has just been released by the "extraordinary Spider-Man", has been greatly improved, making people marvel at "The Extraordinary Spider-Man." Cool visual effects and immersive experience, and behind the "extraordinary Spider-Man" production team is also receiving a storage, rendering, processing and other technical challenges.

Cloud computing is not just a simple it technology revolution, it is now quietly changing people's lives, but also began to infiltrate other social forms, as its driving force for innovation. Now, this many "cloud" has drifted into the film and television field. In fact, cloud computing provides a platform for production, storage, and processing of many film and television productions.

In the movie "The Extraordinary Spider-Man", the use of 3D camera, which the stunt and CG lens must be indispensable, especially the spider silk screen. "One of the important things we want to do with the great Spider-Man is to make these stunts look as real as possible and conform to the laws of physics," director Webb said. This is a huge challenge, of course, because our protagonist is a Superman with special abilities. We've been studying equipment for a month and a month so that he can swing smoothly instead of using a computer to generate these images. Of course we will later use CG to modify, enhance, polish, but this is in accordance with the real laws of physics on the basis of. These are the new technologies we use to make this film.

Cloud computing is also the same, many servers and storage resources are connected through the network, to provide users with the corresponding flexibility of computing power. This provides a great convenience for film rendering and other production. Through the cloud based animation tools, so that people can not distinguish whether the picture is computer-made or real.

Similarly, movie distribution can be used in cloud computing mode. With the internationalization of the film development trend, in the vast film library to manage the film, such as conversion version, special effects, etc. will see the footprint of cloud computing. After the film is finished, the film distribution can use cloud computing to push the movie to the cinema, the video shop, the Internet and other channels.

This shows that open source and cloud computing give some hope for the future of the film. Based on Google, Apple and other companies cloud services, users can at any time at any terminal to see their favorite movies, and red Hat and other open source companies, to promote the production of film technology and production level towards a higher goal.

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