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Domain name is the name of a server or network system on an Internet network, which is equivalent to the house number; in the world, there is no duplicate domain name, domain name has uniqueness. A domain name is a method used in the Internet to resolve address correspondence issues. It can be said to be a technical term; but since the internet has become universal, the domain name has naturally become a social science term.

Domain registration is one of the most important factors in website construction, and it is also the first step in the road to success. A good domain name can play a significant role in the development of the site, how to register in the current saturated domain name registration market to their favorite domain name, this is an important subject of webmaster.

In general, novice webmaster Friends registered domain names need to pay attention to some of the basic issues;

Website building independent Domain name use

Believe that the vast majority of enterprises and individual webmaster are aware of the importance of the site construction of independent domain names. Because in the early days of the internet, some companies are providing free space, as well as level two domain names, these services are still there, but few companies will choose this free web site services.

For a website that really wants to make a difference on the internet, the use of other people's Web site is to pay the price, to bear the huge risk, once the service provider there is any problem, you will follow the bad luck, may be the entire site vanished. Therefore, whether the enterprise or individual, want to grow up on the Internet, independent domain name is necessary.

Domain Name registration keyword Import

Website construction domain Name if can contain the keyword to the website weight will have the considerable influence, this is very suitable for the SEO website. Like and so on. But in the absence of a way to implant keywords in the case, the webmaster may wish to open up ideas, consider how the domain name and the enterprise itself products, services, brand culture, etc. The most typical is, and so on, these websites not only use the brand itself as domain name, more importantly, it expresses a kind of spiritual culture level meaning. For example, Baidu's "public search for his thousands of degrees," "Sea memory bosom friend, Tianya if adjacent" show a kind of enterprise connotation culture flavor.

In addition, before the domain name registration, first check whether has been used, is not expired without a renewal, in the registration, can still register. Query whether the domain name is the search engine penalty. This is very important, the domain name has been punished, Baidu Google and other search engines are no longer included, the move determines the future of the site, must be prudent!

Understand the strength of each operator, the domain name price, there is no qualification and other information, rational comparison, and then choose to register. The integrity of the operator determines the security of the domain name, that is, do not choose the same as the million-net new network and other domestic top registrars, because they are too expensive, also do not choose completely no strength qualification of individuals. can choose the top registrar below has the strength of the agent registered domain name, relatively cheap and reasonable. Here, to introduce a domestic more well-known operators qualification strength integrity rankings and domain name lowest price registration company-Zho Tian Network (,inc.)

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