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Do the site must be inseparable from the domain name, domain name space is to do the station necessary things, in the author just contact the Internet, the construction station is full of curiosity, was said by the domain name space, make a mess, what is the domain name? What's in space? What do you need to do a station? What is the combination of domain name and space? This is my question at that time, but when the real contact to build the station, the author found that these problems is just so?

However, for some of the friends who have just contacted the station, they will certainly face the same questions as I did, then, since there are questions, we have to solve these problems, I would like to say that I have encountered some problems:

What is a site domain name

Internet site domain name is a server on Internet network or a network system name, in the world, there is no duplicate site domain name. The form of the station domain name is composed of several English letters or digits, by "." Divided into several parts, such as is a website domain name. The Internet site domain name can be described in a variety of shapes, but from the structure of the site domain name division, the overall site may be divided into two categories of domain names, a class called "International top-level Web site domain name" ("International site Domain name"), a class called "Domestic Web site domain name."

The last tail code for the domain name of the general international website is some "international universal domain" such as. com,.net,.gov,.edu, these different tail codes represent different institutional properties respectively. For example, the. com represents the business, and. NET represents the network services, and Gov says the government, and Edu says the educational institutions.

The tail code of the domestic website domain name usually includes "International universal Domain" and "country Domain" two parts, and will take "the country domain" as the last tail code. ISO31660 as the norm, each country has its own fixed national domain, such as:. CN on behalf of China,. HK on behalf of Hong Kong, US, UK on behalf of the United Kingdom and so on.

What is the site domain name resolution

The website domain name management system DNS (domain Name System) is the meaning of the Web domain name resolution server. Its role in the Internet is: the conversion of the site domain name to the network can be recognized IP address. People are accustomed to remember the site domain name, but the machine to recognize each other only IP address, the site domain name and IP address between the one by one corresponding, the transformation between them is called the site domain name resolution, the site domain name resolution needs to be specialized Web site domain name resolution server (domain name Server) to complete, The whole process is automatic.

Generally you use the host provider's Web site domain name resolution server (domain name Server), so the DNS settings in the site domain name point to the host business DNS. For example, your website uses hostmonster host space, then the DNS of the website domain name points to Hostmonster and So when the user through your website domain name browsing your site, will be resolved through DNS to Hostmonster host on the site.

What is a generic domain name resolution

Now many webmasters have set up a number of Web sites, in order to save costs, the construction of these sites usually with virtual host technology, that is, on the same server set up multiple sites, users use the two domain name access to these sites. Maintenance of these two domain name is very heavy workload, then we can use the pan-domain name resolution technology to solve this problem. The so-called pan-domain name resolution refers to: the wildcard character * (asterisk) to do the secondary domain name to achieve all the subordinate domain names point to the same IP address. After you set up a generic domain name resolution, add any subdomains to the same IP address in addition to the domain name records that you set separately.

For example:

The first level domain name is Set a pan-domain name resolution * of the subordinate domain name point to, then when the visitor whether input "" or "" and any other characters Can point to the IP address of If you set up a separate parse record point to IP, when the visitor accesses the, it points to

Do site webmaster know that in fact Google in both the technical or character is far better than Baidu, but Google in China has been doing Baidu, a lot of people study to study, and finally concluded that Google does not understand Chinese or do not understand the Chinese market marketing! said Google does not understand Chinese that is Baidu's speculation, Don't take it seriously.

said that Google does not understand marketing this is reasonable, in Shenzhen, which company is not a day by Baidu's people phone marketing bombing over N times? Personally, these are not the main factors. Once I told a friend, I said you look for products to Google may be better, Baidu is advertising, the result of that friend more than once asked me: "Sorry, I forgot, you last said that Google's Web site How to hit?" As a result, I have no way to tell him the simplest way, that is, you go to Baidu search "Google" can be found.

To Baidu to find Google, it is ridiculous to say, but in China this is the truth. When you forget a company's Web site, you can go to Baidu search, Baidu really good! Fortunately, we are all able to play in the address bar Baidu Web site, as long as not illiterate people know how to hit Baidu in accordance with Pinyin to play!

If Baidu's use is not pinyin domain name, if he also followed suit (a few years ago, many websites like to learn Yahoo always like to take two eggs, but the duck is really so important?), Do not, but with or, then the development of Baidu will be greatly affected, many people even Baidu can not remember, the Internet many people are very difficult! No matter what we say about Baidu today, Baidu has made a great contribution to the popularization of today's network.

We analyze two other currently do not very ideal website, Sohu Yahoo I remember 04 years ago when I first learned to surf the internet, I have not know how to play these two URLs, I always turn Sohu into a to is very distressed, fortunately, after knowing Baidu. Originally do not remember the URL can go to Baidu search, a long time even on Sina I also go to Baidu search!

I just checked the Alexa statistics natural flow is 7800IP, we all know that this thing is not accurate, I estimate the actual flow far more than this. Open is a domain name parking station, seriously affected the user experience, this damage to a brand is not estimated! The last time in the domain name forum has brothers said 1 million also do not sell, this I believe, when the brand has not grown when the lowest price missed the opportunity to recover, this is the management of the fault, I think Sohu if the wise words or should be in a reasonable price to take him back.

Another example with duck eggs, recently I also found a very strange site, Cangnan network heard that they in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the line coupons printing machines up to 700, are placed in the subway shopping malls, are the most people! I checked his Alexa rankings, A day of traffic unexpectedly only 40000IP, in accordance with each machine a day to bring 500IP of traffic, the natural flow of the day should also have 35000IP! It shows that their traffic has not been well accumulated. It is estimated that check plus two duck egg oo combination, how many people can remember this domain name?! I looked up only one page, and it was estimated that the owner wanted to sell it. Domain name on a site caused by the problem of the sooner the better, by now the site has not been big, now the cost of recovery will not be very big!

Again, the outstanding, ebay do Taobao, this is also a big relationship with the domain name, I do not know how many webmaster can be in the address bar directly to the excellent and easy to play the Web site! An estimated 30% are not, so the average number of people on the Internet can be played out? The thousand points are all good! Taobao, by contrast, is not illiterate , know pinyin to know how to fight! The network can not only take care of the elite crowd, but also take care of most of the quality of ordinary people, China does not have so many high-quality people online. Now we all know that a lot of rich, many big bosses are not online, there is no time! You have a domain name needs English eight level of people to understand, it is not dead to be strange!

Statement: This article on the current situation of the Internet to mention a little personal perspective, I hope to bring useful lessons, no malicious harm to anyone's meaning! Website Communication qq:951892323

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