The inconvenience of the traditional disk created the cloud

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Far in foreign countries Google, Dropbox, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple, the war in the cloud storage area can be described as thrilling ah. Of course, the domestic Baidu, 360 and Jinshan and other online giants are also actively related to their own layout and cloud storage strategy in the face of blossoming cloud storage services, the user how to choose? With the continuous development of science and technology, the user's Equipment is also more perfect. Users need collaboration between different devices. The era of mobile Internet, mobile office has become possible, the user's place of work is also more and more dispersed. The use of traditional storage devices for backup, very troublesome, so the status of the network disk also will rise.

Although GoogleDrive allows users to edit office documents and other documents directly to the user office provides a great convenience, but because of the GFW Skyworth people do not have the chance, and Dropbox has also been in the wall will not be in the awkward situation, so On the stability of the domestic network disk is still relatively speaking some of the competitiveness (of course, some people may say that Microsoft's SkyDrive is still very stable, has never been GFW), at present, the mainstream network disk are basically achieved multiple platforms Synchronous coverage, where Xiaobian several major domestic mainstream network disk Android client application to make a horizontal evaluation, I hope we can choose to provide Android network disk when the application provides some reference.

Test platform: Android4.04

Evaluation object:

Name Jinshan fast disk Baidu cloud 360 cloud disk Sina micro disk Huawei network disk 115 net disk Grand network disk

Version V2.1 V3.3 V2.1 V2.4 V2.0 V1.3 V1.1

In Xiaobian view, for the user a good application of the network disk should meet the following points: First, network disk can not restrict the user upload file types and single file size, the file type on the network disk is basically no limit , But more restrictions on the size of a single file, relative to the mobile terminal users rarely back up big data in the mobile network, where a single file size is not used as the evaluation criteria; followed by data security, the general The network disk is a login no longer need to re-enter the account password, the user's equipment more and more, user data will flow in different devices, so the user data security is also very important, so the network disk needs Users can encrypt their data for the second time or encrypt the access rights to ensure data security. Once again, when colleagues need to work in coordination, the sharing of files becomes very important.

First together look at these seven Android network disk application function comparison, which meet the above requirements? (Out of 50)

The main interface and a brief introduction

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