The incubator has been around for so long that it's time to make a radical change.

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Absrtact: The incubator has been around for a long time, and it has been some radical change. Krypton Space is being born for this! Many people have made changes to the incubator in the past, but in fact, so far, many teams have been able to help their incubator

The incubator has been around for so long that it's time to make a radical change. Krypton Space is being born for this!

Many people have made some changes to the incubator in the past, but so far, many teams have been very dissatisfied with their incubators for the help they can offer. Even if you go to some of the best incubators, you may want to invest in the incubator, which may break the investment possibilities of other investors at the same stage.

The incubator may not have been a profitable business.

Krypton space is a completely free start-up space, you don't have to worry about paying the rent because it's totally free, or whether you're going to take our investment because we don't invest, not to mention whether we want to swap out some of the shares because we don't take any stakes. And you can get all the investors, talents, partners in this concern, but also access to our platform-level services and resources ....

Krypton Space is redefining the incubator. We hope that Krypton can give entrepreneurs a real starting choice, which is our slogan: "Start up,here!" Want to elaborate on the meaning.

After nearly 3 months of exploration, we shared the results of the first phase of the first project in Saturday (August 23), when we came to the time of graduation at 12 initial projects in Krypton space. Detailed list of projects see this: There are projects for developers to serve, as well as teams to provide solutions for people traveling, and programs to help foreigners learn Chinese .... Although the size of the people is still small, but they and krypton space is the same intention, hoping to make the world better, even if it is a little bit. As Steve Jobs famously said: Arranges who are crazy enough to can tightly the world,are of who ones We present it as a message to each graduating team.

Of the 12 projects in the first phase, 11 completed the next round of financing, 3 projects are being close to the second round of financing, while the fastest project financing can reach 1 hours, the highest financing amount of 10 million yuan, the total amount of financing 50 million; In addition, the total number of teams is also from the beginning of Krypton Space 40 people, The development to graduate time 120 people, basically grew 3 times times.

This should be an unprecedented start in the industry!

Krypton space in the first phase of the founder also gave us some message, which my personal favorite is this sentence-"Krypton space saves me two years of entrepreneurial time-chineseskill CEO Wang Shilong." I think this is the biggest recognition to us. Also in the Krypton space time scene, when we introduced the Krypton Space, the true fund founder Xiaoping teacher immediately said whether can let the funds invest in Krypton space, I think it is a recognition of us.

And in order to make the future of Krypton space services more perfect, to help excellent start-ups faster growth, while creating a more complete entrepreneurial investment environment, we also in Krypton space time on the official announcement of the "Top VC Alliance." At present, the alliance members include the most top VC in China: Sequoia Capital, IDG Capital, Jingwei Venture, GGV (GGV Capital), DCM, Northern Aurora Venture, Qiming Venture, Deep Venture Investment, Sham fund and Bertelsmann, nearly 10 top investment institutions.

Sequoia Capital Partner Kui said at the scene, Sequoia has always been committed to providing entrepreneurs with the best service, hoping to become the most important business partner of the outstanding entrepreneur; GGV (GGV capital) VP Wu Chenyao (Joshua Wu) said that the GGV idea is to accompany the entrepreneur to stay, although the project will not be too many projects , but for each investment in the enterprise, will continue to provide support in each stage of development, the establishment of the alliance is conducive to the entire entrepreneurial environment, so that the best start-up enterprises to get the most excellent service, so as to achieve better growth.

3 months of being together, we have a very strong relationship with the Krypton Space project team. At the site of the Saturday space Time graduation, the first phase of the Krypton team "play Beijing" took a day to compose a band, composing a song as a graduation ceremony dedicated to all the team:

2014, August 23, this is where we are, last night

I would like to stay a while, sit on the balcony, smoke a cigarette, do not figure how comfortable, want to stay as a souvenir

Remember March ago, thanks to cc John Li Zhuyan, it was your recommendation to move us to Krypton.

To be honest, we, just to save money, you know, at that time the company account on less than 50,000

The third year of entrepreneurship, the project two and a half, said not to spend money, but the team must eat rice, can strong accompany you dream

Accompany you to stay up late, accompany you to go on dry, three years, saw too many despise face, harvest too much moved, get too much experience

To do the user chat mode on the road, but also to find the various investors talk about financing money, brackets, they do not have a dry

Stumbling all the way, this is juvenile frivolous, now you see me this face, long vicissitudes of appearance, I said I 92

You do not believe, is not long to worry, is the business, is Genter Mody not worry, but since come to Krypton space

This big family, know a lot of team, work overtime, eat bubble noodles, play ball, chat each other fork make cheap, other don't say

Those who work overtime to stay up the hard days, no longer a person, from here after graduation, we each ran things

Perhaps survival is stressful, not easy, maybe work too busy, we rarely communicate

But don't forget the dreams we had, the ones we had, the Kryptonite, the only success we had.

Although the language is very simple, but the entire team to start 3 years of experience, this is a lot of other start-up team in the early encounter, we hope that this encounter can be minimized! This is Krypton space!

Finally, thank you to the founder of the lawn music Zie and beauty Jia Ying to bring a wonderful performance, as well as the wine brand start-up company BBF (be best friend) and Kyrgyzstan is to our activities to provide the champagne and catering support.

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