The influence of advertisement position change on advertising attention degree under the Environment of Network Alliance

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Abstract: In the last article on the Network Alliance Environment Advertising Technology Analysis (a), we on the Web page information density, full-page page advertising value, advertising content of the Web content of the crowd interest, the three aspects of the launch skills are elaborated; Today, we will combine eye movement

In the last article--on the advertising skills in the Network Alliance Environment (i), we are on the Web page information density, full-page page advertising value, advertising content & content & the interest of the crowd, these three aspects of the launch techniques are elaborated; Today, we will combine eye movement research experiments with data, Introduce the influence of advertisement position in the Network Alliance environment on the advertisement attention degree and the new advertising style that can be introduced.

First, the experiment before the need for the text page, advertising forms and advertising location to carry out the experimental definition:

(1) Text page:

① Body Page form: Select the most common text page as an environmental carrier, to take a unified visual, neat, not crowded high-quality text page, to ensure that the test in the experiment when browsing the page, not because of the low quality of the page itself and affect the attention of the ads;

② Body Page Content: a 3-page presentation of a country's tourist attractions, was tried to read each page after the independent page to the next can be

(2) Advertising:

① Advertising form: Select the most representative of the two dimensions of display advertising as research object, that is, banner (960*90) and rectangular (300*250);

② Advertising Location: Located in the navigation area, side bar and body area respectively

Navigation Area: At the top of the page, only banner ads appear

Sidebar area: Only rectangular ads, in view of the previous article in the whole page and pagination has been examined in the sidebar rectangular ads, the focus of this article, according to the experimental comparison needs, only select the sidebar, and the side of the sidebar two positions

Text area: Banners and rectangular ads have, banner ads to investigate the next 3 positions in the main body page, rectangular ads to investigate the body and the next 2 positions

Second, the text page, the location of the ads, banners and rectangular ads and advertising attention to what kind of relationship?

(1) Comparison of advertising attention in navigation area, sidebar and text area

Advertising is located in the navigation area, sidebar, body area three different locations, advertising attention is different, which position of the highest degree of concern?

Eye movement Research data found that the ads in the navigation area, sidebar and the text area of the advertising attention is really different, which is the main body area ads received the most attention, followed by the navigation area, and usually is considered to be high-quality position of the sidebar to get the least attention. There are several reasons for analysis: first, the body area is the core of the main page, the degree of concern itself is higher than the sidebar side bar; second, the side bar advertising history, users in the Web browsing based on past experience will automatically screen side bar ads, and in the text area ads because of integration into the text, so the likelihood of being concerned is the largest.

(2) The advertising attention of banners and rectangles in different positions in the text area:

From the experiment 1 know that in the body page of the text area of the highest advertising attention, and the text area can be placed in a variety of places ads, then we will explore the text area in different locations advertising attention to the difference, how to use the text area to put ads correctly?

The ads in the text area are divided into two forms: banner and rectangle.

① Banner (960*90)

Banner ads in the text area can be placed in the next 3 places, as shown in the experiment found that the text in the middle and the end of the text banner ads the highest concern:

This phenomenon has been analyzed for several reasons: first, the advertisement located above the main body area is usually located above the main body of the headline, the user will skip the advertisement to enter the text directly after reading the title, so the advertisement attention is low in the text area. Second, when the user browses the content of the body, the banner ad in the body of the text truncates the user By the user mistaken for the illustrations in the text, has received more attention, but the position of advertising is passive attention will reduce user experience to enhance the user's sense of avoidance of advertising, should be considered whether to place; third, the text at the end of the advertisement is the user after reading the text after the natural turn to the end of the advertisement, is active attention, The location of the ads will not truncate the user's attention will not cause users disgust, although the user carefully read to the end of the text is not as good as the middle of the text area, but given the user experience factors, more recommended text at the end of the advertising position.

② Rectangle (300*250)

Ⅰ: Rectangular ads can be placed in the main body of the next 3 positions, but according to the experimental design, removed the main text area above the advertising position, only to examine the next 2 positions in the rectangular advertising attention. The experiment found that the rectangular ads in the middle of the article and the end of the article have been more attention, and the end of the article focus on the highest. But with the user experience factor considerations (with the banner), more recommended text at the end of the advertising position.

Ⅱ: In addition, in view of the specific size of the rectangular ad itself, at the end of the article, advertising can be placed on the left and right side, then which side of the ads more attention? The experiment found that the right end of the advertising attention far better than the left end of the advertising attention.

The reason for analysis is as follows: Most users read the text from left to right in order to read, when users read the content from left to right, the more left side of the ad because users read the consistency will be automatically evaded, and at the end of the right side of the ads, the user from left to right after reading the body, will be natural and then to the right to browse, and focus on the right side of the ad. So rectangular ads in the body generally placed on the right side of the effect is good (according to user reading habits, can be inferred to the text of the middle left and right side of the rectangular ads)

Third, the new advertising style exploration:

According to the previous text page ads more attention to the results of the experiment, we conducted a new style of advertising data exploration, has been more ideal conclusions, can be explored for a variety of advertising styles to provide a certain amount of data support and basis.

The new advertising format refers to:

In the body, sometimes according to the needs of the article map, that is, to take a pictorial description of the content, and the new form of advertising, it is the original map of the picture produced in accordance with the content of customized pictures of the relevant picture ads, the ads can not only display the description of the content, but also on the basis of This does not implant unrelated ads affect the user experience, and secondly, when users read this article and have a strong interest, but also to click on the customized ads into the corresponding page to view, can be said to kill both birds. (This form is not the first occurrence, but has appeared in a number of Web sites, the experiment is based on the style of the research object, a data exploration.) )

According to the experimental research, we can find that the attention degree of the customized advertisement is much higher than that of the ordinary picture, and the conclusion that the style plays a good role in attracting attention and guidance.

This article is to look at the details, by comparing different advertising bits, to the position and advertising attention to in-depth research, and a new style of advertising, to this "Network Alliance environment Advertising Skills Analysis" has been presented to everyone, there must be a lot of us need to improve and upgrade the place, You are welcome to criticize and correct, this is to urge us to move forward momentum.

Note: According to the experiment, the above several groups of experimental page layout, page content, advertising content is divided into several groups presented to different subjects, different groups of page layout, content, advertising content is different, and each group of pages only changes need to compare the advertising location, the other content unchanged.

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