The Influence of Baidu 's Foreign Chains on Website Keyword Ranking

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Website friends all know, website optimization nothing less than external links, keywords. And here today to talk to you is that the relationship between external links and keyword rankings. First of all, we need to know what is an external link? External links, also called backlinks, are links from our external website to our website. The number of external links we can query with the tool or search engine can be used to query the search engine. We query the major search engine anti-chain, its purpose is to analyze the results of the query, according to the results of the analysis of the existence of the existence of anti-chain:

1, hyperlink form

This anti-chain can be a key link, for example: Guangzhou Erlang, also can be a URL link, such as http: //www.***.com; and keyword links can be divided into plus nofollow plus no two , The nofollow attribute of the link means that the search engine should not be prompted to track.

2, the text URL

This anti-chain is usually Baidu can be found, that is, a simple URL form, such as, if you are reproduced in this article and no Remove the link, reproduced articles once Baidu included, you will increase a Baidu anti-chain; or you left your website in the forum, just Baidu crawled, which is also a Baidu anti-chain.

These two kinds of anti-chain site ranking for what kind of impact? We can check with their peers in Baidu ranked top sites, their Baidu anti-chain in general will not be less.

However, we must be clear, is not Baidu's anti-chain more, the site ranking is better? This is certainly not absolute! The so-called content for the king outside the chain, the outer chain is usually the key words into the link, and affect the site key An important factor in word ranking is the number and quality of keywords imported. The number includes adding nofollow and import keywords without keywords, while the quality comes from import links with higher weights, which can generally be achieved by exchanging friendship links or purchasing links. According to practice analysis, summed up a few conclusions, to share with you here:

1, Baidu backlinks have an impact on the keyword rankings. As I did not do outside the chain to the site for nearly a month, Baidu's backlink was reduced from 5,000 to 2,000, during which time the main key word "Guangzhou Erlang" did not fall due to the support of the key words outside the chain, while other Keywords from the first page down to the second page; and Baidu reverse link to increase the rankings and up.

Therefore, although Baidu backlinks can not affect the rankings of all keywords, but the top keywords in the site, Baidu anti-chain will not be less, for Baidu optimization, Baidu anti-chain is naturally more and more good.

2, keyword import link is unstable, will result in keyword ranking and included decline. Previously, my site due to some time ago removed some of the long time not updated, the snapshot lag, the site was downgraded the friendship link, resulting in reduced Baidu Google included, especially Google, more than a thousand reduced to less than one hundred.

3, the impact of keyword rankings, weight is not the main factor, the biggest factor is the keyword import link. My keyword import link text is generally interactive marketing, I spent two months to do this keyword Baidu tenth, Google fourth. Because my friend keywords are the words, blog messages are also used the word, the forum signature also set the word, the chain also have the word. In front of the word rankings are more than half of my site over the age of the old station.

The above conclusion is only a personal summary of the practices of several websites, the exact nature of which remains to be more sites for common practice and inspection.

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