The influence of market misjudgment on company operation from the perspective of the layoff

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& ">NBSP; The bullying is already a long time ago, and the reason why we are now revisiting this topic is to review the root cause of the problem, of course, the lack of funds is the root cause of the bullying, resulting in a large part of the shortage of funds is a large amount of inventory of capital occupied.

It is difficult to say that a large number of inventory is the fault of the decision-making level, after all, Beijing Olympic Games, all the market feedback on the digital TV is good, just old friends to buy based on the network Ling Digital TV receiver stick more than 10,000, it is said that the Lingyange 08 shipments reached millions above, Can be seen that the combination of data at that time must make the Lingyange boss excited, because the integrated circuit production cycle is relatively long, the company decided to purchase a large number of inventory on the surface of the decision should be nothing wrong.

The problem is that, compared with other industries, integrated circuit inventory is too big for capital, and for most Chinese companies that don't have enough money, once the inventory backlog is created, it is likely to cause a disruption of the company's capital chain, which is often fatal.

In fact, the decision of the decision-making level for digital TV misjudged too much reliance on market information, market information is often just the appearance, if the Lingyange was the original purchase orders with the line in the industry more communication to understand, at least good prospects for the market will play in the fold, after all, digital TV network speed is very slow, but also more dependent on the local radio and television enthusiasm, Relying solely on market data to determine the company's major decisions leads to a large inventory of fatal consequences.

A once ling of the middle of the news to old revealed that the Lingyange CEO Yang Lin face a good market feedback in the company meeting think next quarter sales 3 million no problem, the vice-president in charge of the market immediately pat chest belly think certainly can, so it seems that the group's excitement is a direct cause of large inventories.

Of course, the shortage of funds is an important reason for the layoffs. Not the only reason, at least it is recognized that three of the entrepreneur's infighting is also caused by the company's business is not smooth one of the reasons, but at least this should be used for reference by the local IC design companies, the order is good, the funds may not be good recovery, the moment of decision making mistakes will take  It's never even going to make up. (Author: Lao Yao)

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