The ingenious combination of making money online and promoting on the ground

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Recently work more busy often overtime, a few days did not submit in A5, today to share a previous period of time I have been operating the method of making money, in fact very simple, because their work and time relationship can not insist on doing it, tell friends around let them to do, until now they still have someone in insist, here today to share.

You know, there's a commission available on the Internet now. The Commission is for each booking of a room and a successful stay overnight is 25 yuan Commission, the Commission is not low because some people will live for many days, then how do we make money? It's easy to go to the league to register your account, With the account system will be sent to your own promotional links, like Taobao as long as someone through this link booking hotel and check-in, the resulting commission is our. What about the rankings? Too long time to do too much bidding, to send a post? So what are we going to do? Put the program downloaded from the alliance into your website so that we have a reliable address. I believe many people can do this step, the key is how we promote.

I went to print some business cards and leaflets, to the railway station next to the Jinjiang house to hair, to the next to a few large hotels parked in front of the window on the car, generally these frequent business people do not know where to go tomorrow? Booking a hotel is more convenient for them, you can go back to the room to open the portable notebook on the operation, and online booking is free, Once they used it for the first time, they were expected to be your clients.

The above methods if you are interested can try, especially for students to do, social contact and understanding of a great help, and if your SEO is very good, you can try one of the following methods.

We know what Baidu bid is, in the first place every click is to spend money, this will no longer say, one day I saw a on the internet to do about the pomegranate seedlings keyword bidding, I looked at the key words of the competitiveness is not too big, think why still have to do bidding, may be because of the rush to promote it, I suddenly thought I would try this keyword, so spent one months on the keyword to do the natural ranking of the second, and so I do go up the site I rented to this person, according to their own site traffic, I paid a lower price than the bid, and then we have a deal, he wants to promote I want to make money, As long as we can achieve the purpose of the line. In fact, there are a lot of keywords like this, there are basic friends can try.

I don't know what I said clearly, if you don't understand it, add me QQ 86337758

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