The initial experience of Internet entrepreneurship: The new market of tangled new pattern knot

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Milo: Online search entity shop purchase

dealitlive: E-commerce network TV

Round Table Guests

Zhou 祎 360 chairman of the Tiger

Tang Zhou Yi-fan Venture Partner

Founder of Hong Xiaobo Vipshop (only product)

Host South reporters Heli Po

The internet is as an entrepreneur is keen to try the soil, starting the initial how to find the market, Tun Capital, pull resources, model? Consumer-to-consumer, business, SNS, these are formed by the subdivision of the industry, then in these areas, "recruit" how to understand these "basic action"?

The deadlock in the new market

Southern Metropolis Daily (hereinafter called the South Capital): Many potential entrepreneurs are locked in the emerging industry or market, and after the real came, many people immediately fell, this is why?

Tangzhou: Personally feel that the new market, new industry for entrepreneurs, especially the first time to start a business is the most difficult to implement, because the profit model, market analysis, and the matching operation team, resource integration is blank.

Many entrepreneurs find the so-called "new market", facing the real problem is that the "new market" is actually very narrow, the expansion is too bad, this is a knot. Therefore, in finding their own piece of "Blue sea", it is best to first deny yourself once or even many times, rational entrepreneurship.

Many of the entrepreneurs we are exposed to in the beginning, often the target of their own locked in Beijing, Shanghai, such as the first-tier cities, and these cities are often the most competitive, and difficult to survive. I suggest they should put the attention of the people to the three or four-line cities, domestic consumption in the long run is the largest growth space, where more easily find new soil.

Hong Xiaobo: On the field of electronic commerce to talk about new markets, have to say department stores, the traditional way of selling online is still not shaken. Because there are a lot of commodities commodity prices are low, can be found within reach, convenient to buy. On the contrary, the process of buying on the internet is cumbersome.

Therefore, the current more sophisticated e-commerce will be used with industry and even the limitations of the business model of goods, a lot of goods to move online sales and can not form a good shopping behavior.

It's better to have more executive power than to find money

South: Entrepreneurs often have an embarrassment that too little money. Do they have a path to avoid or solve the fund short board?

Zhou: Open an online shop on Taobao also calculate a business, do not need how much money, also have a lot of people do well. Some people invest to burn money to do the internet industry, but fall miserably. For the internet industry, not rich can solve all problems, the entrepreneurial ability to execute more important. For example, this issue of the Elf pet dating site (see this topic C 10), the investment is not large, the market is also very distinctive, his early work can also, but the most important thing is to promote the site out. It is easy to think of burning money to promote, but for the new small web site, where is the money? In fact, small sites also have a small site to promote the path, I understand that a lot of webmasters are through the rich content of the site, so that search engine easier to find it, or in the relevant forums posted on the Internet to solve the way to promote. This is actually a manifestation of executive power.

Tangzhou: As an angel investment, we pay attention to those mature industry entrepreneurs, do not care whether he was successful in the past or not, pay more attention to whether he has a good executive power, because in the traditional field of competition in the enterprise survival to the last is particularly strong implementation.

Entrepreneurs, especially when they start early in their business, want Angel investment help, but to realize how many it entrepreneurs in the country can get the VCS? Don't rely too much on V C and PE. Because the investment bank is only concerned about those industries where the market is listed more cases.

Hong Xiaobo: Goods and consumers are always the sales industry to think about the problem. For some small money and want to enter the E-commerce industry entrepreneurs, will your target group of consumers more refined, for the more vertical consumers to marketing, based on the characteristics of different industries and products to innovate, will ease a lot of pressure. At present in the field of E-commerce is too heavy, are thinking big efforts in doing some hype, a great deal of spending for publicity, ignoring the essence of e-commerce, in fact, E-commerce and traditional shopping services are no different, down-to-earth to do every step more important.

The industry needs a new model

Nan du: Some people think that finding a good business model equals half the success, is that it?

Zhou: The innovation of business model is the core of enterprise competition, but the good mode is not to come out, but to find and reconstruct in the development. If the entrepreneur is just doing it on the brain's imagination, the result may backfire.

Hong Xiaobo: At least the industry is very much in need of a new model, the core of the company is business, the Internet is just a means. At present, there is more plagiarism and imitation. The new model is the best entry point for the consumer entrants, such as shopping shopping information and culture is the e-commerce industry needs to be upgraded, which will bring consumers a better shopping experience.

The rise of group buying network is a good example of model innovation. Good experience and interactivity can attract consumers ' attention with the selling point of limited daily sales. Group shopping behavior to eliminate the consumer's worry mentality and after-sales service worries, at the same time get more favorable prices, so it should be mature online buyers accepted.

Foreign pioneer

Bartab. W ebtab com:1 Dollar Drink

Business model: Web site to find a cooperative bar, so that users through the software to send "digital drink tickets" to friends, to 1 of dollars to drink the temptation to drive everyone to the bar consumption

Profit Source: 1 dollars 1 cups of drink consumption, with the merchant divided into

Features: The 1th cup of wine is 1 dollars, the back of the consumption of the original price (Southern Metropolis Daily Southernmetropolisdailymark Network)

Don't get me wrong, 1 dollars for a 1th glass of wine is true, drink can be a separate charge.

B ArT AB was developed on the basis of F Acebookconnect, essentially an iphone app that allows users to give their Facebook friends a real drink on their mobile phone, costing just 1 of dollars, a platform to focus on social gifts. Bartab hopes that this way, let SN s friends from the virtual network to the real world, improve the relationship between each other.

Its use process is: users click "sendd rinks Now" to see the relevant bars and cafes supporting the activity, and then confirm, pay by credit card or online payment, when your friend will receive the relevant notice ——— only need to spend 1 dollars to drink the "digital drink ticket."

However, after you go to the bar, the only first glass of wine cost is 1 dollars, the rest of the drinks, still is the original price or discounted price.

Why is the merchant willing to cooperate with Bartab? Very simple, it can help marketers to promote marketing, after all, who do not know 1 dollars of 1 cups of wine will have what kind of spending power? If not, just advertise. For Bartab and businesses, as long as users have substantial consumption, they can enjoy a share.

It should be stressed that Bartab currently only supports Google Chrome, IE8, Firefox more than 2.0 browsers, and now only support the San Francisco bar. Offline offer online purchase

Business model: Provide a platform for real and virtual objects, allowing users to enjoy online or offline services and offers

Profit Source: Commission

Features: Virtual combination

Like its name, Cherrydeals is definitely a sweet bargain, advocating cheap. It provides the service is the coupon change form, lets the user experience the network and the real World Union.

The Cherryd eals system works by entering the system to select its own city, and then you will see what promotions are available, including food and clothing, and living lines. And you'll see a comparison between a real object and a virtual item, and then combine it to buy, which is equivalent to buying both online and offline services and offers. The site is essentially a third-party application that can be used directly on the Web or on Facebook.

Some people also questioned the Cherryd eals service mode, that a lot of coupons site, virtual goods can also be directly on Facebook and other sites to buy, will not be related to the combination, just to sell a lot or help more companies to advertise, how many users will be willing to use it? However, Cherryd Eals also has its own reasons, it believes that with the SN s social game to get more people love, this combination of the way there is a lot of space. Because to the user, this is the reality and the virtual Union. (Southern Metropolis Daily Southernmetropolisdailymark)

Milo: Online Search entity store purchase

Business model: Collect the merchandise information on the store shelves, provide to the shopper, the user can quickly find the goods that they want to buy

Profit Source: temporarily unclear

Features: Real-time updates, full information, users stay at home to learn the latest products

Milo's work is simple, providing users with real-time merchandise information from store shelves in the user's location.

It collects merchandise data from many local stores to provide shopper inquiries. For users, Milo offers three of the value: find the nearest commodity, compare the price in the local store, and browse other users ' comments before buying.

As a result, these stores are also feeling the pressure from users and are willing to provide the latest and most timely inventory information on the site as much as possible. Therefore, the information on the Milo is also the most accurate.

According to its official statistics, since December 2008 on the line, Milo has covered the United States 30,000 communities of 42,000 stores, web traffic growth remained at about 70% per month. An average of about 185,000 pieces of merchandise per month (on average 6,000 per day) is now more than 1.5 million.

At present, Milo's idea makes it get the first round of 4 million dollar financing from VCs.


E-commerce Network TV

Business model: Sell online video, live broadcast, merchandise and so on in the mode of electronic commerce, the seller sells the goods in live form, increases the buyer's desire to buy

Source of profit: Commission of a transaction

Features: Live broadcast to impress you, still do not buy?

Dealitlive is like an e-commerce network television, the network video, live broadcast, chat room, shopping guide, such as integration into a network market, buyers and sellers can be at any time online bargaining, and then began to experience the process of e-commerce.

As long as you log in, the user will find a live video menu, that is, "selling" products, there are "repeat playback" settings. Because the effect of live broadcast is real and inflammatory, as long as users watch, the opportunity to buy increased, at least the potential sellers have taken the first step.

Take a look at its operating procedures. First, the seller registers as a member, presses the "start to sell" button, D ealitlive will allow you to make an appointment first, and when the time is up, you can start to promote your video guide, have 10 minutes, you can put the recorded video, you can also come to a real live show to introduce the items sold, one, Many things are fine, as long as your speaking can impress the users who are watching.

Then there is the trade of fairs. D ealitlive specially provided for the buyers and sellers to deal with the chat room, such as sellers can be more specific information about goods, both sides can even voice calls, talk about prices, concessions can, like the interview.

Finally, the two sides determine the price, payment method, mode of transport, and so on, D ealitlive to extract 5% as a source of income.

Comprehensive finishing: South all reporter Liu Yanyan

Reporter Helipo

Source: Southern Network

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