The innovation advantage of Ningbo Private enterprise transformation and upgrade

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According to the Chinese voice of "news and newspaper summary" 6:32 reported that in the face of the international financial crisis, Ningbo private enterprises transformation and upgrading, embarked on a high-quality, sustainable development path. China, the United States, Japan and other countries have issued a clean energy development plan, the news to Ningbo Binbin Stationery Co., Ltd. feel excited.  As early as two years ago, the company started with stationery has been feeling the chill of the financial tsunami, they aim at the development of solar energy prospects, began to enter the photovoltaic industry.  Company General Manager Wei: The financial crisis came after all the enterprises have more or less influence, but for the PV industry is not a recession. The first-stage photovoltaic industry has already let Binbin company taste the sweetness. A solar energy converter, the profit is three times times higher than the stationery.  Next year, Binbin PV industry can achieve output value of 200 million, has surpassed the main stationery. In Ningbo, private enterprises such as Binbin occupy 80% of the total economy. The private enterprise vigor is sufficient, the market responds sensitively, becomes the Ningbo economy biggest superiority. However, when the financial crisis comes, the advantages of the original production and processing type and low-cost competition of the private enterprises are gradually disappearing. Facing the financial crisis's step-by-step press, Ningbo Enterprises are moving towards the transformation and upgrading of the road. The export-oriented Ningbo Jie friend Sheng Electric Co., Ltd. exports to Europe and the United States shrank by 70%.  The company adjusts the market strategy in time, aiming at the huge domestic demand market, this year's domestic sales increased by a full one times than last year. Company deputy general manager Shaoxing Hui Ling: Originally we in the export this piece of investment energy, manpower, material investment is very big, now all used to do domestic sales. China launches ten city Lights energy-saving and transformation led.  Has signed 35 million business intent agreement, in the domestic sales of this amount of big words, brilliant 5-8 years no problem.  Ningbo, director of the Economic Research center of the government, Xianqing that, depending on the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, Ningbo economy is gradually warming up. Xianqing: Ningbo Development of private economy mainly such a region, when the opportunity to come soon when its development is also the fastest. Ningbo to develop a new climax to come.
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