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We would never believe such an unreal abstraction of the Internet can create such value, but both Ma, horse, Zhang and other batch of the first to make use of the internet to create wealth myths of the example, the network entrepreneurship will form a boom, swept the world.

In the current inexorable trend of online entrepreneurship, success is not easy, since ancient times, success can not be separated from the right thought guide, philosophy has such a sentence: "The right of the road" "after" is the same principle, "right" is due to the personnel and change, SEO business is also so, see the right through the way how to enlighten the ideological storm, Open your SEO thinking library.

1 prudent legislation, "to establish a central concept" to do the SEO industry, first of all, you have to establish the central concept, and track the assessment to understand its industry effect, with SEO feasible thinking, find their wisdom, with the philosophy of SEO work. Learning to play the subjective initiative, intrinsic, add site content originality, external, pay attention to the quality of the chain, quantity is secondary, quality is the main, to know all the amount of accumulation is to wait for the arrival of quality, Baidu like high quality optimization.

2 decision form "Right in the Sutra, right in the external" intersection, learn the situation, brainstorming, establish the core key words, relevance is the primary factor, the first to establish the beginning of the theme, and the content of the Web site closely linked, intimate; second, with a wise eye to find that there is heat only value; To improve the user experience, you should consider the user search status, is your core keywords close to the user.

3 The principle of communication "common grasp" the right to not give up this, the right not to use more, maintain the whole. SEO also needs the principle of cask, in the contradiction analysis of the whole and part of the dialectical relationship can also be verified in SEO. Do SEO site weight is very important but white remember, do not spend a lot of energy to tangle in a certain keyword, even if your word ranking do go up, the most is a single page to do the best, the value of the entire site is not small, but in vain even may be mistaken for cheating suspicion, so that a penny wise to appear to be worth the candle.

4 the right to achieve, "adhere to the immutable principles of eternal, proficient in change"

Although the search engine algorithm is a fast-changing people really touch, but do SEO also has its constant principle of doing more original content, title novel well within the chain, remember not to accumulate keywords, do anchor text to the link to the user to present a neat and clear eye-catching page, Do these after the daily continuous updating of the optimization, with the same law to adapt to the changing laws, it will be able to achieve the quo through the spirit of the law.

5 Tracking Assessment "good working atmosphere is very important" to engage in SEO people know that the only constant SEO algorithm is "change", as an SEO entrepreneur, you will face today's weight up, tomorrow's site was K. The day after tomorrow and return to the situation, and the face of these variables, only calm is the best policy, understand the source of tracing, assessment of their own, adhere to the provisions of the intention to do SEO, never take shortcuts to cheat, Baidu will see your intentions, give you return.

The above is what I understand and feel. With the only philosophy to analyze SEO, I believe that everyone has a different view of SEO learning, it may wish to use your thoughts of the storm to enlighten us, absorbing.

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