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The recent internet finance is "Binghuangmaluan", the moment is not quiet, is the so-called you sang my debut.

This is the "central Mom" first urgent documents to stop Alipay, Tencent's virtual credit card products and bar code payment, such as face-to-face payment services, which is the payment agencies are punished. One side is the state-owned four lines down the balance of the Internet financial products such as the purchase amount, one side is the issue of Ma Yun's anger and four lines "war" of "pre-war posts."

, regardless of the other, regardless of regulatory and market attitude geometry, the emergence and development of internet finance is a naturally and unstoppable "tide". Recently circulated in the popular authoritative argument, the development of Internet finance has complied with the general direction of China's financial reform, and has become the vanguard of forcing financial deregulation and breaking the inertia of reform.

from the "Internet financial year" to the "Internet financial outbreak Year" trend of change can also be determined by the data. According to the data of the private sector of the Qing branch, there were 90 investment events in the field of Internet finance in 2011-2013, involving 78 enterprises, of which about 40 enterprises were angel investment or first-round financing. From the time series, the 2013 Internet financial explosion, compared to 2012, the number of investment cases in the field growth rate of 64%, is one of the hottest areas of investment.

traditional financial industry facing the emerging internet "unprepared", the emerging Internet facing the traditional financial industry "not to start" urgently need to be connected, the Internet financial information fragmentation urgently needs to be integrated, at the same time a complex Internet financial map is also urgently needed to "subversive integration", is based on this, the Qing branch group China Internet Finance Working Committee, China Electronic Finance Industry Alliance jointly sponsored by the Internet finance thousand people will support China Internet Financial Investment conference or will provide a platform for entrepreneurs, investors, industrial giants dialogue integration. In this respect, the reporter in advance interviewed several guests and professional analysts, a solution to the current situation of the Internet financial industry.

Third party payment: the "vanguard" of internet finance

now, Internet financial Entrepreneurship, a variety of business models, entrepreneurial enterprises, in the report for the first time in the Qing branch of the Internet financial classification of nine major models, respectively: Third-party payments, Peer-to-peer Network loan platform, financial data, public chip, internet financial portal, Bitcoin, credit, Industry internet finance and personal finance tools.

Among them, as the Internet financial vanguard of the third party payment industry recently "trend". Yeepay paid CEO Tang says payments are the basis of financial services, and network payments are the basis of internet finance. The internet has entered the deepwater area and has begun to break the monopoly of telecommunications, finance and other industries. China's economy to be successfully transformed, as the blood of finance must first change. and payment enterprises in the tide of internet finance will certainly play a pivotal role.

report notes that with the penetration rate of mobile communications devices exceeding the net or self-service facilities of formal financial institutions and their combination with the Internet and finance, the total amount of global mobile payment transactions is growing at an average annual rate of 42%, which will reach $616.9 billion in 2016. Mobile payment system Pesa in Kenya, the remittance business has exceeded the sum of all domestic financial institutions, and has covered funds such as deposit and Loan fund services, and it is not operated by commercial banks.

the development of third party payments in China is also staggering, according to statistics, 2012 China's third party payment market overall transaction size of 12.9 trillion yuan, an increase of 54.2%, of which the third party mobile market transaction size of 151.14 billion yuan.

according to the relevant data, 2012 China's third party payment industry market overall transaction size exceeded 10 trillion yuan. UnionPay business with 45.9% market share leading, Alipay followed. 2012 Internet payment business transaction size reached 3.8412 trillion yuan, an increase of 70.46%.

among them, Alipay market share in the market first, and with Tenpay, remit pay the world, fast Money, Shanghai UnionPay, Guangzhou UnionPay, Yeepay payment, IPs and other enterprises constitute the first echelon of internet payment competition.

while third party payments have recently become a "storm" center, the central bank has recently been hit by a series of emergency documents to stop Alipay, Tencent's virtual credit card products and bar code payments and other face-to-face payment services, and punish payment agencies.

, deputy chairman of the National People's Congress xiaoling 22nd at the China Development Forum said in 2014 that the original intention of the regulatory layer is mainly from the customer's capital security, monitoring the flow of funds, maintaining the social and economic order, such as three considerations. Instead of focusing on the cheese, regulators are looking at the impact of the business on money creation, the security of client funds and the social and economic order.

Yeepay paid CEO Tang that the central bank and enterprises are all hope that the Internet financial health development, but the reference system is different. In response to the next payment industry trends, Tang further that the payment industry is the core of internet finance. Internet payment is the vanguard and cornerstone of internet companies. The user resources and data of merchant resources are all paths. The next development of payment enterprises is closely related to the development of internet finance.

in the eyes of investors, payments are also crucial. IDG Partner Li Feng that in the field of Internet finance, loans, credit, data, small payments will become future investment trends.

Peer-to-peer: The "death squads" of internet finance

before long, according to the report of the Internet finance published by the Qing Ke Research Center (hereinafter called the Qing Ke report), it is pointed out that the three trends of global Internet financial development are to replace traditional payment business with third party payment and mobile payment, to replace traditional deposit and loan business with everyone's loan, and to replace traditional securities business with

Peer-to-peer is the first topic of Internet finance, this new but not new thing earlier than the advent of the Internet era, and with Zopa (the first lending platform on the Internet), the emergence of countless entrepreneurs into the "blue sea."

from the Lending Club to the domestic first peer-to-peer "racket loan" the establishment of Peer-to-peer with the internet era of success in the world to set off a "prairie" potential.

As of October 2012,
, the largest peer-to-peer credit company in the United States, lending Club Company has completed 83,000 transactions since 2007, involving an amount of nearly 1 billion US dollars; the first Peer-to-peer credit company in the United States, Prosper, has also completed over 64,000 Internet financial transactions involving $420 million trillion, an annual increase of more than one time, and a floating space of 5.6%- 35.8%, the default rate is 1.5%-10%.

and domestic peer-to-peer development is also "vibrant." Qing Branch Private-sector data show that up to the end of December 2012, the National Peer-to-peer Credit Company, a total of more than 300, the trade total of up to more than 20 billion yuan, of which the top 15 peer-to-peer type of Web site turnover accounted for the entire industry around 45%, close to 7 billion yuan turnover. In addition to racket loans, the domestic appropriate letter, all loans and other micro-network loan platform is a representative platform for such services.

"Behind Peer-to-peer development is the flexibility that traditional finance does not have, as well as the lack of capital demand for those who cannot get loans in the financial sector," says Li Mingshun, CEO of
. From 20 billion to 200 billion of the 10 times-fold growth is the power of the market. "

and the recent peer-to-peer market of a major event also set off a peer-to-peer industry "reign". A week ago, a paper suspected of economic crime was closed to rectify the announcement, so that the domestic Peer-to-peer network credit "veteran" Enterprise-Zhejiang Province Quzhou Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Treasure Investment") into a dilemma.

This enterprise operating peer-to-peer network loan platform-the investment net suddenly issued a notice said, "the company is suspected of economic crime by the Quzhou Public Security Bureau for investigation, website Business suspend operation, follow-up message to be released." "

in this, Li Mingshun said, "in the process of rapid growth, there will naturally be some risks arising, leading to the collapse of individual enterprises, because in any new market will happen." Peer-to-peer and the public are pioneers, is the interest rate marketization Pioneer's death squads, this to China's financial progress is a huge benefit, but also will bear the huge risk. "

: The "Dreamer"
of internet finance

in the field of Internet finance, the public is also a popular concept that can not be bypassed. As a new calf to subvert the traditional channel, the public is also experiencing a hot hold to doubt and then to adjust the pace of growth.

in Tang eyes, the public has the Internet characteristics, the current development is relatively preliminary, but very optimistic about the development of public financing. Because the internet finance, is everyone for me, I for everyone. And the public chip just can embody this spirit, for example, the public chip in a sense can replace the previous VC, through the way of piecemeal.

, refers to the project initiator through the use of the Internet and the characteristics of SNS dissemination, mobilize the power of all the funds, capacity and channels for small enterprises, artists or individuals to carry out an activity or a project or the establishment of enterprises to provide the necessary financial assistance a way of financing. This is the definition of Romingxiong in the book "Internet Finance".

In his view, it could be divided into four categories: equity system, fund-raising system, loan system and reward system. In the domestic practice, the public is also full bloom, such as public welfare projects, book publishing, film News and so on. This is mainly about how to identify and evade the risk of public financing, that is, the risk trap recognition of stock system.

first appeared for the dream of the public raised in most eyes have a "dreamer" role, is "everywhere" in. Romingxiong that public financing as a new mode of operation, accompanied by legal and moral credit risk. From the legal risk, these problems are mainly focused on whether the platform is suspected of illegal fund-raising crime, the risk of holding on behalf, the project sponsors intellectual property rights and interests are vulnerable to infringement, whether to break the securities law on the prohibition of public offering of securities, the lack of supervision system caused by problems.

But for investors, the most concern should be the issue of capital security, and corresponding to the project initiator and the public platform for moral credit risk.

any new things have two sides, in the public to raise this piece of imaginative "land" on, will have a broader development.

undoubtedly, in the next few years, internet finance as a hot spot of the times, will always be in the "Storm" of the center of gravity. In the era of internet finance, whether it is a chain of dancing internet companies, or the absolute counterattack of the "Elephant Dance" will be in the trend of integration and subversion with the tide of the Times rolling forward.
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