The Internet to meet the future: Mobile interconnection is the way out grassroots entrepreneurship will be blowout

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In the 2012, with the growth of the mobile Internet user base and the deepening of the application, the mobile Internet and the internet have ushered in new opportunities, then, to meet the mobile Internet era in the process of Internet business opportunities and the future there? On the morning of December 2, the theme of "Meeting the new opportunities for mobile internet, the Internet" was held in the 2012 venture capital annual meeting, under the auspices of CEO Li Yu of the Tiger sniffing network, Vice president of Renren Strategy Du Yue, Viva Wireless Multimedia founder, CEO Han Ying, Donkey Mother Travel Network founder and chairman of Hong Qinghua, the founder of Len Lei, Tintin network CEO Longjiang, Bo far wireless business Vice President Zhang Yu, jointly on these issues to express their views.

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"Our CEO has said that Renren faces a war in the wireless arena, with three brutal battles." Du Yue, vice president of Renren strategy development. A war is the traditional SNS how to continue to enhance the active degree on the wireless Internet, how to provide different, differentiated services; The three battles are how to develop mobile games, how to make group buying occupy a place on the mobile Internet, and how to create mobile services with exquisite business cards. These are closely related to the mobile Internet, it can be said that the mobile internet has become a very important area for internet companies.

Tintin is a local life search site dedicated to providing accurate life information services. "My judgment is that the internet has no way out, specifically to my field," he said. "Longjiang said. NET founder Len Lei also said that the mobile end of the development is very fast, and its users and traditional PC end users are very different, so, on the PC side has a good user base of the Internet enterprise, and not necessarily be able to successfully extend to the Mobile user group.

Hong Qinghua proposed that mobile Internet is still limited in the share of Internet enterprises, the advantage of mobile Internet in tomorrow, but it is the future of Internet development. Donkey mother also set up a wireless division, is committed to the introduction of more talent, in order to obtain further development.

For the mobile internet to bring changes, bo far wireless obviously feel deeper. Zhang said that bo far wireless from 2009 onwards to do the company, by the end of 2011, users broke through 9 million. The huge impact of mobile internet is evident. Mr Zhang briefly shared his three main elements of moving internet companies to mobile internet. First is the name, he thinks, nothing is more important than the name. For mobile domain, its biggest characteristic is because the handset screen limits, the dissemination channel actually is very few, therefore the name is very important. The second is the innovation of content. Third, it needs a wake-up platform. The same is true of Sina Weibo, he suggests, and if users don't open it for a week, they may forget it, so they need other platforms to wake the user. Four, mobile apps are already available for profit.

As for how to develop in the direction of mobile internet, Han Ying put forward, mobile internet still has some bottleneck of development, that is tariff problem. China's Internet mobile phone users are more concentrated, 70% are mobile users in China. 3G speed and cost problems, are the development of mobile Internet application restrictions. As a result, Han Ying concludes that the real wireless internet age should erupt next year or both. In this field the threshold of entrepreneurship is low, and is in the booming stage, will also stimulate grassroots entrepreneurship in the future blowout.

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