The Jedi counterattack: the operator and OTT battle is imminent.

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It's going to be a show.

Before the micro-letter phone book, after Ishin, mobile, internet manufacturers and operators are fast sinking to seize more high-frequency application of the portal.

Last week, the 3.0 preview release, a more powerful feature is: easy to use the letter can be free phone calls-each user will receive 260 minutes free call line, including 100 minutes in the domestic two-person talk time, 100 minutes and more people talk time and 60 Minutes international roaming phone.

The true purpose of Ishin

In the 3.0 preview version of the line phone is the application of the mature telecommunications operator communication technology, so in the call process without relying on WiFi wireless network or 3G/4G data network environment, it will not consume traffic, and will not appear network delay and Echo and other poor experience.

In other words, this implementation is different from the micro-letter to the voice of the speech compressed into the packet transmission to the other after the way to decompress, but the use of the function of the line phone, only one side to install easy letter can easily dial each other's landline or mobile phone, so do a real sense of free and free flow calls The condition is only: when easy to start can be connected to the network-after dialing off the network can support this free call function.

According to Hu Chen, CEO of Easy to say: In the past few years, Chinese youth groups have been using telephone calls to communicate and socialize more and more, but it is hoped that by providing free function, young users can also make several phone calls to their families and friends. Voice message and text chat can not replace all human emotional communication.

But this rhetoric is too superficial, easy to believe is to use voice call this killer demand to push their own app, compared to micro-mail and QQ initially binding users, easy to believe this later clearly, if not naked to use stronger demand-"call", can not have the effect of attracting users.

And the real purpose of the easy letter is to promote the development of the app--such as hardware terminal products that are supported by the easy-trust platform, support private encrypted connection, personal public connection and access to public utility cameras. Future users can access the smart hardware entrance, anytime, anywhere to view the urban traffic conditions, well-known scenic spots, such as public camera resources, but also through easy to manage their own home in the private camera.

Who does Ishin represent? Telecom!

Frankly, this kind of hard recruit is just like the earlier micro-letter launched a "micro-mail phone book" Echoes.

Move "premeditated" for a long time

Yes, the end of 2014 may be when a war is about to break out.

On the one hand, the micro-mail phone book began to push the "call" function-although this policy does not violate the relevant regulatory authorities on VoIP policy, but the fact is that the Internet OTT manufacturers have begun to extend their business to the operator's basic telecommunications business-"call" field.

On the other hand, operators are not idle.

In addition to China Telecom through its joint venture with NetEase and easy to cut out, mobile is also in the midst of the deployment of its "fusion communications." The function of this fusion communication should be seen as a counterattack to the OTT vendors--This fusion communication is implemented by upgrading traditional communication services, such as calls, short MMS, etc. This function and service is based on the GSMA RCS specification, and adds the characteristic service such as the public account number, the enhancement display and so on.

A very real problem is that once for operators to bring rich profits of the SMS is being micro-letter, QQ, Ishin and other functions, because the use of micro-letter, easy letter such products can not scruple to the number of messages, even reply to a word is only in accordance with the flow charges, but also can transfer pictures This led to the telecom operators to line the billing of the SMS business gradually cooled.

Now, operators in the unwilling to become the basis of channels, the hope is not far away from the user, want to get back to the user--the transformation of the basic functions such as SMS has become an inevitable breakthrough: in the fusion of communications, SMS will change the billing model, no longer in accordance with the charges, but according to the flow, this action is directed at the core advantages of

Of course, mobile fusion communication is more than this, the next generation of fusion communication also includes personal information management, such as providing independent personal information display, settings and modify the interface, including basic information (user name, mobile phone number, avatar) and details (birthdays, contact details, company information, etc.)

and the "Public account" function of mobile fusion communication is directed to micro-letter-----------oriented to individual and enterprise customers through the public account and has been concerned about the user to include text, pictures, audio, video, location, expression and text mixed messages in the form of message interaction, to achieve information dissemination, business ordering and other functions.

In the move of this plan, and even provide after the burn function, in the query to the friends have read after that burning ability, can send read after burning news. Messages burned after reading cannot be saved, forwarded.

The next generation of fusion communications has been pulled up by Samsung, SONY, HTC, cool, Huawei and other five major mobile phone manufacturers, they become converged communications flagship mobile phone provider. Previously reported that operators will be in July 2015 commercial fusion communications. But perhaps the date will be ahead, maybe even at the end of the year.

Predictably, an operator's counterattack to OTT vendors is about to begin, and between the operators of the basic network and the OTT vendors who already have 800 million of users, who can finally compete for the user's time, who will be the overlord of the future mobile era.

This time, micro-mail, QQ to stick to the user, need more intensive cultivation, and China Mobile and China Telecom's easy letter to eat in the jaws of the tiger, it is necessary to breakthrough from the bottom, hyper-dimensional attack.

No matter who will push the next round of war, is undoubtedly to increase competition, so that we people can be more affordable.

So, just hit it. Do not worry about losing your profits, our users can afford!

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