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The author from the beginning to contact SEO to now, has been a full 4 years. To be honest, now call me out of the chain, I am not as good as outside the chain practitioners. But good analysis and summary characteristics, let me become a good operator and planner. Take an example to share with you, in the face of a website, we should find a breakthrough, so that the site "up the ladder." (PS: Attach a website operation Flow effect chart)


Analysis of the deficiencies of the website

When the site in the structure and content can not be picky, we should use webmaster tools to view the performance of the site. The first thing to look at is the site included. When the site's page less than 10,000, our first condition is to enhance the content of the page included. Because a large number of pages can be guaranteed to produce a large number of long tail keywords. But some sites have been included in the page Baidu more than 400,000, traffic is still not the million (PS: This situation is relatively rare), at this time to consider the structure of the site, and to observe the degree of competition on the site.

Second, the production of long tail keyword list and to give station optimization

The above point is that if the discovery of the site is not included, it is necessary to increase the site's page included. As for how to increase, the author briefly mention two points method. 1: Make the topic page. 2: More for the page to send some outside the chain.

Next we need to collect the long tail of the site keyword, in order to create a long tail keyword list. Then in the creation of content, can be more around these keywords to add content, while the article appears in the long tail with the hyperlink (the corresponding URL, must be unified).

Third, for the long tail keyword to do outside the station optimization

In general, long tail keywords are content pages. So when we query these words in Baidu, we usually see the ranking of the content pages of other websites. And the weight of these pages are mostly passed from the homepage, so in order to surpass them, we need to increase the external chain for the pages of these content, in order to break through their rankings. As for how to do the chain, as to the homepage to do the same, like the soft text submission, post posts such as forum, but in the number is much less.

The author is through the above methods, so that some of the site's long tail keyword rankings from No to the top three, indirectly enhance the weight of the homepage of the site. Hope this method can get webmaster friends try, because the author has been operating many sites, have been confirmed. Article by the Computer Assembly network Http:// feeds, reproduced please respect the original,

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