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Tools have, how to use this tool, how to play his role. We put this part of the work to the promotion. The so-called: good wine is also afraid of Deep alley. If you don't take the initiative, wait for the person to sit down. My promotion strategy is: Online promotion line under the combination. At the same time.

Online Promotion:

This is actually some method problem, what website Alliance, mailing list, all kinds of advertisement, resource exchange, in doing everybody is again ripe fine. I don't have much to say. But one thing I have to mention is the promotion of the engine. This aspect actually I do not suggest everybody to buy what bid, what flow advertisement. That would only increase costs. Why not use our technology to deal with. SEO Search Engine Optimization, we are not unfamiliar to this, in the previous very fire, because as long as there is engine technology, there will be his existence, they are host and parasite relationship this I in: on the long haul of SEO, this article has said. Moreover, engine technology has been recognized as a new model of the network. Whoever has mastered this technology will win the network. See GG is so.

Practical applications, we are not difficult to find, in Baidu,gg Taobao, ebay, Alibaba's key words page, generally easy to appear in the front of the first page of the position, this is not in fact with BAIDU,GG advertising cooperation, but their technical processing, authoritative SEO processing. They can do it, and so can we. The effect is conceivable, the cost is their own technology. This is what I mentioned earlier, website construction should be for extension service. That's the truth. To affirm, I mentioned SEO is not garbage seo. is reasonable optimization, but also by the engine technology can be accepted, will not bear the risk of being sealed.

On the whole, online promotion focuses on methods. Many, as long as their own to dig, there will be unexpected effects. Again such as: Bundle service, member mailbox, member message, blog marketing, online instant service, etc. will bring us more potential customers.

Now we're going to talk about offline bonding:

We are engaged in the traditional industry network information services, our foothold is the network, but this is not isolated, must be combined with traditional market channels. This will be more conducive to speed up our market influence. Full advance. In the field of network marketing, I compare the recommended mode is: Website + exhibition + online magazine. So every point is the direction of the profit, this is the true tradition and the combination of the network. The show can be offline to meet the business supply and demand, or it can be an online trading fair. The online journal can be an offline print magazine publication, or it can be an electronic publication on the Internet. The resources are well integrated to play his maximum value. In fact, this model is not my personal creation, before our Big Brother Wisdom has been this route, I am here just a summary, recommended. HC first to do business, that is the net issue. Well done, very influential. Behind the development of the network, and the emergence of Alibaba. Have to pay attention to the network market, and then focus on the development of Web sites, with the traditional business customer resource combination. So it's easy to break through. Now Hui-Cong has been deeply in various industries channel exhibition cooperation. Back to the customer.

In these three points, we can reverse the order, how the upside down is the line. One of the most difficult development sequence is: the site as the beginning. Because it means you don't have enough client resources available. You are casualgirlfriend on the website to accumulate customers. Doomed you to greater risk for others.

In addition to exhibitions and publications. There are a lot of work under the line, which is very practical and immediate. For example, with the different groups of customers you are working with. More help to enhance your visibility and influence. In the Chinese leather online promotion work, we are faced with different groups, we will be proactive to build relationships with them. For example, institutions, trade associations, magazine media, exhibition institutions, and so on. Make the most of all their resources. At the same time give them the services we can provide. This is an equal resource swap, which I think is more practical than the online resource swaps. Effect is more obvious. Of course, we all know that the cost of network utilization is low, like the network a single way. I think it's wrong, so you can't be bigger or better. Don't flatter oneself of a little illusion, want to do business station, that is not practical. As the saying goes: No child, not a wolf. Offline input is the real investment. Dozens of business sites are available on the Internet one day. They are all in mischief, play it, give the ego a little satisfaction, can not be taken seriously.

In general, the method is important both online and offline. Especially in the increasingly mature network market today, we can not engage in business integration, the overall absorption. Can not digest also unbearable. Subdivide the market, do the specialization to make the characteristic is our way out. Ali, Hui Cong Three acres of enclosure, we dug three feet. There is the depth of gold. Again, we have to do it now, the starting point is high, the input must be big enough, so as to swing a little wave. The personal behavior of the small-time, will eventually drag himself to the end. Have a good idea might as well look for a backer, hard to walk quickly.

To the customer, there is also a very important aspect, that is, customer training, lectures.

This cannot be ignored and cannot be neglected. The so-called details determine success or failure. Although Ali, Hui Cong gave us created a group of network business, creating a network of business such a good atmosphere. We thank them here. But we are digging in depth, the big environment is there, but the industry is mostly traditional businessmen, net relatively late, the network information more curious and do not know how to use. It's not easy to teach them how to operate a computer. How to get them to post information. Isn't that a joke? Of course it doesn't have to be done by themselves. When at least let them have such a thought, the network can bring them a practical return. I think that's the job we're going to do. Ideological guidance, there is a big trend, the environment to do the backing, we just for the industry to analyze how the network information to customers to bring convenience, bring benefits. In response to their own web site operations, on the one hand, through the design of navigation, so that the operation at a glance, but also the need to produce operations manuals, and FAQ Document services to novice users. The customer is cultivated, one but recognized you that will become your loyal customer. It also has a good word-of-mouth effect. So the details determine success or failure.

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