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Keywords Analysis of competition how to divide

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How to analyze the competitor's friends may know to do SEO to analyze the competitor's website (that is, through the search in front of those), today I would like to share with you, SEO is how to analyze the competitor's website. Before the search engine optimization, research competitor is a necessary work, if can study good competitor, to after the entire website optimization process is a good beginning. Observe him from top to bottom:

1, to observe whether the entire Web page contains H1 tags, this is a font label, H followed by the smaller the number, the larger the font, indicating that the more important keywords, the general use of H1 tags are the key words of the entire site, pay attention, he used the H1 tag to describe a keyword.

2, the page title title,keywords,description tag contains keywords, generally the more important the word, the more likely it is he want to highlight the key words, there may be a phrase, but contains the keyword, we can through the site to analyze the content of the topic, Try to guess the site's keywords, it is generally obvious to see, not too much to decorate or hide.

3, and then look down on the content of the page to see whether the font label, such as Bold (B), Italic (I) and other labels, generally in the words between these tags is not the keyword is the long tail of keywords, how to distinguish themselves according to the site title appropriate analysis, understanding. The probability of these tags appearing on the front page is too high or even not.

4, pay attention to whether the content of the Web page contains pictures, the general picture will be annotated alt tag, to observe whether or not the title of the site, or the topic of similar keywords or long tail keywords, this also oneself to appropriate analysis, and everyone will know to do so. The picture plus valid alt annotation label, SEO is also a good practice, effective is not to stack keywords or long tail keyword, the consequences will not say more, do not believe you can try.

5, look at the lowest next page of some obscure places, such as the site preparation-case, the site statistics bar yonder, generally someone will do a few text chain, look at the text chain annotation tag is not contain keywords or long tail keyword, carefully looking for you will find what, very likely in a humble little corner.

Comprehensive careful observation of the above 5 points, must be able to find the competitor's shortcomings, he did not optimize to the place we can do, he did the place we have to do better than him. Think of a word: the enemy has no I have, the enemy has my excellent! When choosing a competitor, do not blindly choose, choose than those who are higher than their rankings of a lot of sites that is not appropriate, want to suddenly become "fat" or not too realistic. Step-by-step, slow and steady is better, more real.

When choosing a good competitor, first look at the PR value of the competitor's Web page, then use Yahoo to check the number of backlinks on his site, to see if the number of chain, and PR are very high, do not choose such a competitor, their external chain resources are stronger, do not do SEO, do not do content, Casually write a few words of articles or reprinted articles than you row before, not surprising, outside the chain in the role of SEO is more obvious, at least the current search engine is very important to a site outside the chain.

The choice of competitors is too strong, will only let you lose confidence in your own SEO technology, the effect of the SEO is confused, choose the right competitor not only can help you understand the shortcomings of your site faster, you can gradually improve the competitiveness of your site. SEO is a long-term and boring work, sometimes even need a few months to see the effect, you can stick to do it? Patience + carefulness = qualified seo.

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