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In the traditional era of SEO, keyword choice means in the search engine ranking successively, but also to a certain extent reflects the brand image of a website-if a well-known company's website in the search engine rankings are very close to even after the search engine can not be retrieved, it will obviously have a certain impact on the corporate image.

But in accordance with the new rules of the search engine rankings according to the number of fees, the choice of keywords means how much to pay the cost, and the final marketing effect directly related to, so at least in several respects should be given enough attention: the general level, the expected ranking, the number of keywords, the basic keywords.

The universality of the keyword

When you buy a keyword AD, do you choose a generic or proprietary vocabulary? Of course, the general vocabulary is more powerful, such as "Plastic Hospital" and "plastic" that better? Of course, "plastic", but the price of the general vocabulary is relatively high, if you want to show the ads longer, to calculate their own marketing budget AH.

Expected rankings

If you want to rank first in the results page of the keyword search, of course, to pay more than the latter several costs, because the charge of the keyword advertising is more than who pay more fees, and the level of professionalism is not directly related to the site, but the number one does not necessarily end up with very good results, If the site is not doing a good job, or the product itself is not popular, then no matter how much it costs to buy keywords, even if you get a lot of traffic, also meaningless. Therefore, whether ranking first is not the most important, the key is the number of keywords:

How many keywords should be purchased? Online marketing new observation research shows that the key words have a certain dispersion, unless it is a special professional industry and products, a keyword often attracts less than a lot of clicks, the ideal is, select a few key keywords, in order to examine the performance of each keyword, you can consider the implementation of a certain period of time "Keyword Rotation", if you expect to get more visitors in the short term, you may also want to buy several keywords at the same time, these still depend on marketing goals and budget.

Basic keywords

During the SEO period, company name or brand name is usually essential "basic keywords", and in charge of keyword ads, not necessarily these "basic keywords", the key to see the user usually use which keywords to search, if there are early statistics reference, of course, the best but for a new release of the website, Need to conduct a certain user survey, because the imaginary words are not necessarily the most ideal, even if not wasting money will waste time, and let marketers have frustration.

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