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With the rapid development of the Internet, the Web site application needs more and more, to join the ranks of the people, the novice webmaster with more and more! have joined this arduous but full of passion of the webmaster ranks, and most of the novice are very confused, do not know what to do next, know how to do, but do not know how to do. Today, the younger brother Special spent a night, collation data, comprehensive, for everyone to write a try to achieve the most comprehensive "do Station treasure", for beginners to observe and learn and apply! Of course, after all, I am a person of the strength of the collation, if there is anything missing and should be corrected place, I hope the reader can find me in time to communicate, I also good in time to revise and add! Please see the end of the page for contact.

Due to the nature of the site and the nature of profit, public welfare such as personal love website, government sites, etc., here is not to say, we mainly discuss the nature of personal webmaster website!

First of all, the general process of doing a website:

1. Determine the direction of the site →2. Make a website →3. Purchase the corresponding domain name →4. To purchase leased space or host →5. Configure the security host (if it is space this step can be omitted, but most of the space needs to purchase the database separately) →6. Install Web site →7. After the internal commissioning of the official operation of the →8. To promote the site to increase traffic →9. Join an ad league (or sell an ad location) →10. Earn (Money) →11. To increase the size of the website (invest in other direction)

The approximate step is so much, but each step has a lot of places and details we need to pay attention to, below us to detail part:

1. Determine the direction

As we all know, the Internet is a very high degree of saturation, want to find suitable for their own to do and suitable for the public site difficult and difficult, this requires us to find their own direction, is to make their own to do a completely independent innovation of the site, or the popular version of the site to see the individual has been, here, little brother more say, No matter what type of Web site, as long as your intentions, have the patience and perseverance have the goal of perseverance, are very easy to succeed, examples of the internet is many, we can go to search to see, here is not to say, the other is not perseverance, insist not go on, is again innovative and innovative site also no premise.

2. Make the website

Most of the people who are stationmaster, have certain Internet or programming foundation, however, there are many owners to buy templates or to find others to do, this depends on the people, and now the Internet also has a lot of well-known and free build station tools, such as: Dd,dz, in short, regardless of whether they do, or find others to do, must do a good job! There are conditions, as far as possible in the optimization up and down a little kung fu! Take a very simple example, my site because of the content need, home page is very large, made after the user read data to 260KB, but in my optimization, only 160KB left! Optimization is very important, in the site after the large traffic more obvious. Why, omit n word, you understand!

3. Purchase Domain name

Buying a domain name is important, very important, said not important, actually also does not matter, but I give the novice a little suggestion: big can not necessarily have to find a very short domain name, 3-digit number is not always the best, such as: "Baidu" and "37k" you think which more NB? That must be "Baidu"! so , the domain name is almost on the line, not necessarily so so good, you really care about this, in the COM pick a You like to love, let others envy hate to go to it ~ unless you have the strength of Tencent, get a two-digit domain name "QQ", I had made this mistake, The result bought a bunch of domain name: 2012yo,2012bus,8glo ... Later found that are not good to hear, and no meaning, and I do not contact the site together, have thrown away, so far ignored, I now use is a fine selection of later: 91ooo, is the top-level domain name com. With the website name: to force, personal feeling can also, at least more than those few better.

4. Purchase of leased space or mainframe

What you buy depends on the circumstances. Big website. File hundreds of g of the proposal to buy a host, stable, worry. Small site, to buy a space on it. medium-sized sites can buy a larger space, a luxury to buy a host, or compromise, buy a VPS is also good. But "friends" must find a good space or host business. Do the website most taboo is the network is unstable, the transfer website matter small, the influence mood is serious. To know that we do webmaster, travelled, rain or shine, daily toil can be a Web site card, a will hang, a good, many people d pain AH ~

Note: Don't ask me what space quotient stability, which host NB, I tell you, I do not know! There is no perfect thing in this world, and there is no absolute rubbish.

5. Configure a security host

Buy space Friends This step can be omitted, but buyers and VPS friends must pay attention to, this link is very important, as far as I know, 80% of friends to buy a host has not been configured, are bought an original roughly get started to do the site, If you are not a person who likes to experience their site 1 days hanging 3 times (after a big traffic), then you must configure your own server well.

Here's a quick look at what to look for in configuration:

① hard disk partition: According to the configuration C disk system disk as large as possible, recommend 15g~50g to prevent future system temporary files and IIS log full system disk caused the server to die. D disk, e-disk, according to personal preferences choose one as application software disk, when a Web site hosting disk, put the site of the disk must be larger, the application software disk enough on the line, but also some people like to divide brother F disk when data storage dedicated disk, there are people like to divide a G disk H disk when the backup disk, this is determined by people, not forced.

② installation System: Now the Web is mostly Windows 2003 server, there are 2008,linux, etc., depending on the person.

③ installation application software: Due to the need, iis,ftp,php,asp,mysql,mssql, a key restore, Mccafés Antivirus, ARP and so on.

④ Check the driver server motherboard chipset, be careful not to install QQ, Thunder, Office and other software, if necessary, uninstall as much as possible after use.

⑤ is not recommended for use with web and mail servers 2 in 1.

⑥ everything installed, security handling and necessary configuration server, reduce server load, increase server security performance, prevent future intrusion and attack probability.

For example: Turn off unused services, disable shutdown event tracking, increase virtual memory, turn off error reporting, optimize "boot and failback", turn off Dr. Watson, cancel zip support, change remote ports, set up Automatic Updates, disable unwanted protocols, remove unwanted script mappings, user group security configuration, related permissions modifications, Deactivate Guest user, Clone SYN flood attack, ICMP redirect message attack, server ban ping, configure IP Security policy, etc. A lot of ...

About configuration issues, here's just a little bit about the steps, detailed content is too much, not one by one listed, we need to understand, although you can search on the Internet related content, many, of course, want to save trouble, can also directly to my site to see the most comprehensive configuration strategy, address →2003 server Security Configuration Daquan

6. Install the website

This step is very important. In this step, be sure to determine the description of their own site, title, key words, in the future should not be disorderly change, otherwise the consequences are very serious, to mention: The site is not the most important keyword, the title of the importance of not less than the key words, related aspects of content, "station friends" must be more online access to relevant information, After confirming certain and certain, installs the website, prepares the next test.

7. Commissioning operation

Installed the site, with IP access to their own site testing, use their own site functional testing, to see what has not been done, and the key words in this step can be further adjusted to improve. There are problems to solve, no problem on the job. Congratulations, soon to be a successful webmaster!

8. Promote the website

website's promotion, is makes the website "the station friend" the most key, the most fatal step, many stationmaster friend all is in this step to fall down. This link is the most difficult and most tragic also the most passionate and happy link, you can feel in this link failure or success of sadness and joy, the site is accepted by the public satisfaction.

How do we promote it?

①.RMB promotion, money to buy ads, buy outside the chain, buy location and so on ... As long as you have the money. Spending money for promotion is the quickest way to do it. However, I do not recommend personal webmaster Investment is too large, appropriate to spend a little can understand that too much investment is not necessary, after all, personal website is not a corporate site.

②, manual hair outside the chain, artificial find friends chain, major webmaster nets, the major forums, are your good place! Can increase the flow, but also to increase the site and search engine friendly degree, of course, links must be good, hair of the Qiao, don't be when ad K. This is also the most interesting place to do stationmaster.

③, friends, classmates, QQ friends and so on propaganda your website, although the effect is not big, but how much still useful.

Note: If you really dish, do not know what is "friend Chain" "Outside the chain", do not know what webmaster nets, do not know what forum, do not know what is "AD", very simple, Baidu, you know!

9. Join the Advertising Alliance

When your IP is hundreds of, PV has thousands of, can apply to join the well-known advertising alliance, such as: Baidu Alliance, Google Alliance, Ali mother, etc., although not get a few money, but after all see the return, very gratified, if your site traffic is big, congratulations, you do not have to see the Union's face, Sell advertising position to make money, very to force yo ~

Friendship Tips: Site advertising is also a very exquisite thing yo, put the science, can earn a lot of yo ~ This specific will be the time you experience.

10. Earn money (Lose money)

Whether it is making money or losing money, if you come to this step, congratulations, this article is meaningless to you. You'll understand.

Of course, no matter who you are, I hope you are making money that one ~ congratulate the rich, then do not forget me this sleepless for you hard to write a night webmaster brother yo ~

11. After making money

Since earned, there is nothing to hesitate, well go out to eat and drink, hard work so long, but play back to play, do not waste the cause yo, you can earn to expand the size of the site, or open a new website, or look for other projects to invest ... That's what you said.

Well, that's all I have to say. I hope nothing is missing.

Speech, carrying a small station: to force the game network:, to everyone, friends are nothing more to join in, send qq coins yo ~

For such a hard night's sake, the administrator spared me this small advertisement:

I contact qq:1347446058 Welcome Master advice, novice consultation, advanced "station Friends" to learn ~

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