The largest small and medium-sized enterprise information service providers in the Internet financial industry

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With the rapid development of China's economy and the widespread use of the Internet, Internet finance is also booming. As China's third-party payment platforms are trading more and more and involve more and more users, the modern information technology represented by the Internet Promote profound changes in the financial industry.

In a matter of a few years, the rapid development of internet finance, the emergence of new institutions and the continued expansion of the market scale, taking the third-party payment as an example. From 2010 to 2012, the transaction size increased from 3.2 trillion yuan to over 10.9 trillion yuan. At present, more than 250 third-party payment licenses have been issued, of which 97 are engaged in Internet payment and another 150 are prepaid card companies.

Internet finance is developing so fast not only because there are more than 500 million Internet users in China, but with a large user base and large customer base. As a result, Internet-based financial instruments have gained great acceptance as soon as they appear. This has led to the rapid development of Internet finance. Moreover, the Internet The low financial transaction cost and wide customer coverage have broken the client's time and space constraints and greatly reduced the time cost for customers.

As the largest information service provider for SMEs in China, Mingwan Group firmly seizes the opportunities and strives to enter the internet finance industry with great customer base. It not only has set up a special financial department, but also has trained professional internet financial professionals to learn Professional Internet financial technology, only a year's time, a total of 11520 customers lending customers, the total amount of 112.38 million yuan loan, the largest loan-making industry for China's hardware industry, China's steel industry and the Chinese apparel industry.

Ming Wan Group this great move, not only for SMEs to solve the financing difficulties, but also for the steady and rapid development of SMEs escort!

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