The last double "11" was called the "craziest" promotional battle in history.

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Among them shout out "the whole product 50 percent" day cat 13 hours to break through 10 billion yuan sale scale, refreshed the global electronic commerce billion sales time shortest record, simultaneously also created the Chinese retail industry record.

As of yesterday 16 o'clock, day cat + Taobao Alipay transaction amount exceeded 12 billion yuan, the total transaction amount (including Alipay, etc.) more than 20 billion yuan.

The "Crazy" growth of electric dealers also gave birth to the "barbaric growth" of courier companies.

Express Company Crazy Growth

"Crazy growth", this is the reporter interviewed Hohhot Shentong Express Company manager Shong, his entire industry over the past 5 years of overall evaluation.

At the beginning of 2008, Shong took over Hohhot Shentong Express Company. At that time, 2 cars, 2 computers, the company dozens of square meters, more than 10 employees, office and Storage Express are together. The average company sends more than 200 orders per day, receiving 2000 single courier or so.

At present, in order to cope with express season, Shong has recruited more than 10 courier personnel to cope with the next peak season. Light Double "11" day, the average number of employees and delivery volume is the usual twice times, and warehousing in the original hundreds of thousands of square meters on the basis of transfers to more than 5,000 square meters of the warehouse.

Yuantong Express Hohhot Direct Business company director Li Frankly, in order to expand the scope of services and regions, 2011 Yuantong Express in Inner Mongolia set up a regional branch. The entire district branches from the original 50 to increase to more than 60 this year. And every year from July onwards, will recruit staff to ease the embarrassment of the explosion.

Courier is not chanting tired

"No chanting tired, no empty feeling." Yesterday, the reporter asked Shun Fung a courier staff tired, he said breathlessly.

Yuantong Express Inner Mongolia regional company director Li introduced, in mid-October to enter the peak season, double "11" after the 1-day delivery volume from the original 12,000 to more than 24,000. The Operation center staff are unable to live normally during the peak season, they can finish the work every 12 o'clock in the evening, and now they have to work until 4 o'clock in the morning.

Reporter learned that, whether it is the traditional electric dealer express four-way, or home urgent send, Shun Fung and EMS, express volume generally doubled. and express company recruitment courier standards are basically hard-working, no academic requirements, monthly salary of 1500 yuan plus Commission, trial after the expiry of the basic salary + Insurance + commission.

Xiao Xu is Shun Fung Express courier company, he said, 7 o'clock in the morning every day to work more, the goods, the goods, has been busy to night, no rest day, bitter tired don't say, sick on the road is often. Earn more than 3,000 yuan a month, the highest over 5000 yuan, are hard earned.

Yun Tatsu Express Company's Ferguson said, he chose courier, because he did not have any expertise and skills, and compared to other industries, courier income stability, harder. "Want to dry for a few years, save some money, in the future open a own express company." Ferguson said with confidence.

The interview learned that, although entering the peak season, the courier's income is not expensive, but they are "afraid" November, an impulse there is not want to do the idea.

Express industry into Chaoyang industry

Newly-married Xiao Wang, in Hohhot a state-owned enterprises to management, the future is full of confidence in their own, but because of work needs, transfer him to other cities. Considering for a long time, Xiao Wang decided to quit the job and start his own business.

Doing many times to torture Xiao Wang. Thinking for a long time, he looked to the express industry, he will set up a courier company.

Interview Small Wang told reporters that he did not consider the establishment of the express company risk, but the courier company relative to other industries, less investment, small risk. He is ready to set up a courier company, there is not only a living area, the most important is the various administrative institutions. "The volume of business in the future is certainly indispensable. ”

Information from Inner Mongolia post Office shows that as of the end of 2011, 124 Express companies in Inner Mongolia "export" nearly 19 million pieces, income of 427 million yuan.

Inner Mongolia Post Bureau deputy Director of policy and regulation Yu Qialing Introduction, Logistics Express industry is a chaoyang industry, this year, the New Express company 20, there are 144, this also does not include the increase of various branches.

Most of the logistics enterprises in the interview that the business is in good condition. They think that the policy is loose, the local policy support is big, the electronic commerce development is fast, is hohhot the logistics industry development rely on superiority.

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