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CMS (Content Management system), translated into the Web site management systems, widely used abroad, is a fast web-building system core. In recent years, with the development of China's domestic internet, many corporate groups and individuals focused on the web industry have developed their own CMS, and many products have already matured. In the CMS system, there is free open source, there are commercial fees, and a variety of CMS also have their own characteristics, such as small and powerful tsys, kingcms suitable for information classes. A variety of functional creative force, science and information, suitable for beginners of various types of Web sites, as well as for the government part of the release of the Turbocms and so on. Some of these CMS types are similar, the following selectively listed several domestic CMS products:


Chinese name: Dream Content Management System

Official website:

Dedecms is a veteran open source free CMS system, the system based on Php+mysql development, the program from the initial release to now has undergone two major version changes, is currently the most widely used open source CMS system. The code from the front of the system is separated from the template, its template tag is used very simply, it is suitable for novice use, and the system can meet the demand of the small and medium website. But the system is limited by the processing ability of MySQL itself, and it is not suitable for the application of large data. The latest version of the system (V3.0.1) already supports a custom content model! At the same time, the system built-in universal acquisition system. At the same time V3 version of the new plug-in management features make the system very easy to expand the possibility. The system has the following advantages: 1, the function module expands conveniently (supports the plug-in, the core module all appears in the class way) 2, the core code writes the comparison specification, is easy to reuse (its core code appears in the class form; Many functions can be easily migrated to other programs; and the porting value is higher). The main flaw of the system is 1, the system does not support the language pack also does not support UTF-8 encoding; 2, background code and HTM mixed (looks like the current version better than the previous version) 3, the system for large database support capacity is not very good (on the one hand, MySQL itself is the load capacity On the other hand, there are some flaws in the data structure design of DEDECMS itself.


Wennan: None

Official website:

JTBC is a set of existing modules to expand and clone of the Web site system core, using UTF-8 coding, is the only real sense of the current ASPCMS the code and program completely out of the program, it seems that the use of XML bulk storage technology, and in the Code and program separation technology, With the addition of the language and code separation, language and program out of the 22 relationship, based on this feature, JTBC has a very strong scalability and can be two times. The concept of the module installation file was first introduced in the JTBC system. A module (such as article, download) can be packaged into 1 installation files, in the background click on the installation to complete the installation of the module, and for the installed modules, uninstall also appears very easy, is a new concept of the CMS for personalized customization, However, the use of high threshold, the general people are more difficult to get started, may be proficient in HTML and the concept of the site may be better.


Chinese name: Empire Website Management System

Official website:

ECMs is a well-designed web site solution designed for Linux/windows/unix and other environments. The system model function is adopted: Users can extend and implement various systems directly in the background through this function. such as products, real estate, supply and demand, and so on systems, so the characteristics of the Imperial CMS is known as the "Universal Build Station Tool", the use of template separation function: The content and interface completely separated, flexible tags + user-defined tags, Enable it to achieve a wide range of Web page and style, column Unlimited class classification, front all static: can be a strong access volume, powerful information collection function, super strong advertising management function. Her different versions can meet the small flow to large flow, from the individual to the enterprise application requirements, to provide a new, fast and excellent site solutions. is a very good CMS system.


Chinese name: Joek Website Management system

Official website:

Joekoe from the earliest whole station system, the ASPCMS of the veteran level system in the ongoing exploration of the new CMS, the system's biggest feature is the integration of various types of program modules, with the forum, the blogosphere, film and television channels, music channels, download channels, news channels and so on, Ideal for people who need multiple modules and do not want to integrate.


Chinese Name: Dynamic website Management system

Official website:

Dynamic is undoubtedly the aspcms system of Big Brother, from power to move easy step by step to make the movement easy to become a set of very powerful and human speech system, along the way, dynamic and continuous improvement, but also constantly strengthen the function, including Personal Edition, School Edition, Government Edition, Enterprise Edition, backstage included functions, information release, category management, Access control, information collection, and with third-party procedures, such as forum, mall, blog can be a perfect combination, can basically meet the requirements of a large web site, but the limitations of ASP and access, as well as its own function DLL restrictions, so that the free version almost into a chicken. This system is more suitable for the use of non professionals, in the use of the operation of the very human language, and if you want to change their own or two development of the word is a bit of a avoid it difficult.


Chinese name: Love Station CMS

Website address:

Download Address: Http://

User oriented to "front-end designers", "has the technical background crowd", "0 technical Foundation Crowd"; Functional features: all static; system foreground code and template separation; for efficient, new, fast, and excellent portal-site solutions for a variety of server environments such as UNIX, LINUX, windows, etc. At the same time with a very strong scalability and can be two-time, can be set up by the channel to generate HTML, partial generation of HTML, or do not generate HTML. Regardless of the type of publishing you choose, all relevant pages will be updated automatically after the information is released. In a variety of industries have cases, is a very good CMS system.


Chinese name: None

Official website:

Phpcms (PHP Content Manage system) is a php+mysql based Web site management system software, is a well-designed and applicable to a variety of server environments (such as UNIX, LINUX, Windows, etc.) efficient, new, Fast, excellent portal solutions. She has a powerful usability feature, as well as a convenient way to call, powerful content control and charging mechanism can be set up channels, columns, or specific content reading rights, can be a deadline or points to achieve content charges phpcms convenient and flexible authority mechanism and fee-savvy to meet the demand for business-oriented sites. A variety of publishing options to generate HTML.

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