The latest "Heroes 3" research and development of domestic Heroes series

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Home-made online games "heroes" series of New "Heroes 3" research and development has been more than five years. And since 2009, Guangyu game from the target software signed the "Heroes 3" agent operation Rights, about product development and completion of the news will be exposed. Early April this year, Guangyu game finally released the "Heroes 3" official website and a new logo.  We made a simple analysis of the game world view, the scene, the characters, and the four aspects of the story when "Heroes 3" or will begin testing. World view articles from official sources, "Heroes 3" the current product research and development has basically come to an end, the system has completed more than 90%, from the game background and world view of the players most concerned, "Heroes 3" to lock the background in thousands of years ago, heroes and myths is the eternal theme. In "Heroes 3" in the integration of a large number of Chinese cultural elements, a new system to the many ancient myths linked together, including Pangu, Nu WA and other characters.  At present, the world task, the plot erection has been completed.  Scene in the game scene is mainly rich in the natural landscape of Chinese wind, the scene design is also in the production staff after the field visits and a large amount of information after the works, in "Heroes 3" in the scene elements are also more abundant, such as solemn soldiers statue, hidden in the jungle of the French array, the snowy silver Mane Valley, etc. Character "Heroes 3" of the character design diversity, players can according to their preferences to design character styling and style. Players can choose retro or avantgarde style, while the national dance, hip-hop, war dance, heart and dance!  Dyed hair, ear nails, even the explosive head type can also be satisfied. The plot task piece rich task, several plot duplicate level, has created "the Heroes 3" game world various play. Even the same copy, the same role, the same adventure task, will change the whole result because of the surprise of the plot choice and various uncertainties.
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