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Recently widely spread a fast SEO ranking method, the spread of the slogan is: SEO fast ranked 1 minutes effective. Features are: No need to build a station, no chain, no software, no daily repetitive tedious work, you can get fast and stable rankings and accurate flow. Also Kua Yarn said, the fate of Seoer began to change; the most classic is, what is time? Oh, a new product will often lead to a lot of classic advertising language, which is more creative than new products!

That this method is what, really have so God, I am also curious, heart itch really want to buy, later in the city of SEO group that is in fact, with Sohu microblogging SEO quick rankings, really think not clear? What exactly does it do? Why is Sohu Weibo and Tencent and Sina Weibo not? Why Sohu Weibo can be ranked quickly? Can the rankings be stable? There are consequences, and there are consequences. Let me show you!

Sohu Weibo to do SEO quick rankings of the specific steps:

(1) Registered Sohu Weibo: Mailbox can be used 10-minute mailbox Activation account: Micro-blog Name set for you to optimize the keywords; profile settings with keywords.

(2) Micro-bo: micro-blog content organization to include your keywords (can be stacked keywords), and add you want to promote the product links (such as Amoy product links or Taobao customer site);

(3) Let Baidu include your microblog: in Baidu Post bar casually send a sticker, the posts you have not logged in the state of the Micro-blog address (with the P format address: ID), Baidu Post posted after posting, so that the spider can be cited to collect your microblog address;

(4) To see whether the microblogging address with P format is included in Baidu ( ID) to see whether the first page of the keyword. (Tested, minutes included and the first page of keywords)

There is no need to build a station, without a lot of time input, no need for a solid outside the chain and content, convenient and quick to get the rankings. Not only can rapid access to traffic, but also can be used as an effective outside the chain. We can try, it is not difficult, micro Bo can be compared to free blog, independent station is much simpler!

The following are the results of my test using my name as a keyword:


Why is Sohu Weibo?

We all know that Tencent and Sina Weibo only in the state of login can see other people's microblog content, and careful people will find Sohu Weibo in the state of not landing can also see the content of others microblogging, this is Sohu Weibo and other micro-Bo platform different special place, This means that Baidu spider spiders can not be restricted to the login permission to directly crawl to the content of Sohu Weibo, while other microblogging platform is not. Access to a user's Sohu Weibo address without logging in: ID, which jumps to an address with P format: ID, This is not the state of the login Baidu Spiders crawl content of the address, Baidu included is similar to such a microblogging address, the middle of more than one/p/. Since Sohu microblogging content can be Baidu crawl, I think seoer also know why can quickly rank.

Why Sohu Weibo do SEO can quickly rank?

Sohu Weibo SEO Fast ranking its principle and use high weight free blog to do SEO ranking is the same, its essence is by Sohu Weibo itself site page weight, but micro blog more simple and convenient! Use Sohu Weibo seo, cold keywords and long tail words are generally very easy to the first page, Even hot keywords will get ranked! I found that I spent one months optimizing the Keywords (index 200), I wonder which Ninja uses Sohu Weibo stacking keywords are also ranked in the home page, micro-blog content is meaningless keyword accumulation, is simply a sweat, the legendary "content for the king, outside the chain for the Emperor" All the hell, Baidu to identify the capacity of the garbage station is also increasingly unreliable! If the back of Baidu update do not put these Sohu Weibo, that really violates the rules of the SEO, but also violate the search engine on the user-friendly rules!

Sohu Weibo do SEO rankings can be stable?

Sohu Weibo SEO can be a quick ranking but does not represent long-term stability rankings! Want to get the long-term ranking must adhere to the "content for the king, outside the chain for the Emperor" principle, a regular update of the article and release the chain. Sohu Weibo is also so, even if you have a high weight, if there is no solid original content and external chain to do the backing, just release a micro-blog after it, your snapshot on the stagnation, Baidu a big update, your ranking will fall. The so-called come fast, go quickly!

Sohu to do SEO fast ranking will not be too long, appropriate timely use can really get good results, want to get a long-term ranking still have to do SEO optimization play a protracted war. With the back of Sohu Weibo SEO rankings flooded, I think Baidu will improve the algorithm loophole, after all, search engine is for users, not allowed to be some of the garbage content of the accumulation of keywords micro-blog long line in front. So use Sohu Weibo SEO rankings best combination of micro-bo marketing, do a good job user experience, not only to obtain the trust of search engines to obtain stable flow, but also to obtain the user's trust, the flow into sales!

Shaokong remind everyone not to believe too much shortcuts, the world does not have a free lunch, the possibility of a rich night is very low, young people to know with their own wisdom and hard-working hands to create their own that part of the sky.

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