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Today around 23:30, I found my site in Google's ranking promoted, to the second page first, although still very backward, it does not matter, as I am ecstatic, these days I did what optimization?

First, learning to participate in the site of the heroes to do outside the chain of construction, here is very grateful to webmaster and I exchanged links. Maybe my site's Google ranking upgrade is the reason. Of course, do you have any view of other station link ( habits, and to link's site to send a link to their own address it? I personally think that such an address after Google next update, there will be no small weight value. Of course, must go to the relevant site to do.

Second, the publication of a number of search engine lack of content, that is, published search engines are very few keywords, this can also enhance the weight, because he is hungry, so eat, then your station is developed, if a certain kind of information is too frequent, he eats too full, he will be disgusted, and even spit you out to (from the Shenzhen SEO Exchange Group, Thank Letou).

Do the station and the person is the same truth, you think for others, others will be for your sake, more use their brains.

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