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In the article, "The Mushroom management of website traffic Cheats", Xu Gooping Blog, Xu Gooping and webmaster share how to use mushroom management to do the ultimate station idea, warning stationmaster, don't expend in search engine, friendship link, visitor too little problem, a lot to reference excellent site, draw the essence, go to its dross. To do the station must play a protracted war, and survived the "mushroom period", the flow of Ascension will be solved! Whether personal site, or enterprise site, are inseparable from people. A person can not make personal website very characteristic, perhaps you less art, perhaps you less technology, perhaps you less edit ... So the webmaster must learn to find collaborators, because only have a good team cooperation, can really make a website well, and Washington cooperation law can give us some enlightenment.

The law of Washington's cooperation is: a person perfunctory, two shifting, three people will never be the day. This reflects the cooperation between people, not the simple addition of manpower, but to be more complex and more subtle. If everyone's ability is 1, then 10 people's cooperation is sometimes much bigger than 10, sometimes smaller than 1. Together embodies the team cooperation, this and "Bonnie Human Law" (a person can dig a hole a minute, 60 people a second kind of digging not a hole) similar, how to cooperate is particularly important, do the site also need to use this rule.

The author has previously done network editing in an industry portal, various departments of the team to cooperate more tacit understanding, whether it is art, or technology, whether the salesman, or editor, but then there are conflicts of interest between colleagues, make each other not too happy, the whole team has gradually lost the cooperation can be imagined, A team loses cooperation, and no amount of good individuals is useless. We do the website, also must consider the cooperation is a question, how cooperates also is a question, therefore must have a plan to build the team. And the recruitment of team members is also very important, if the site is not staffed, willing to spend money to find the right-hand man, do not easily find a few companions together, the end result you will find and expected is not the same.

Personal site or corporate website, all need a good team, must not appear a person perfunctory, two people shifting, three people will never be the day of the situation. Want to do a good job of the site, light has a better planning, is useless, from the page production to program support, from content construction to traffic promotion, is not simple to a person or two people can accomplish, this requires the cooperation of everyone. The key is how to improve the cohesion of the whole team, thereby increasing the war power. Sometimes the competition of employees, as long as it is benign, will certainly cooperate with each other, but if the vicious words, will only do damage, to the real left to do only their own. This article enhances the website traffic cheats originally should take out oneself, but has not had the time. I also hope that through their own understanding will be some excellent theorems shared out, common exchanges, common progress! Also look forward to working with more webmaster cooperation!

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