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I have been running a baby-related site since 10, this site to the current daily traffic is only 7, 80, but this site every month to bring me more revenue than 800 yuan, what is the reason for a low flow of the site can be stable profit? The following author to talk about from 10 to 12 this nursery website development experience.

From the beginning of the Web site, I was thinking that the baby's site is generally the needs of young people, basically middle-aged and elderly people are rarely visited, so the site's page design positioning I will mainly use a sentient hue, this hue can better attract users, retain users.

The biggest element of the site's long-term profitability is the leap-forward development at the beginning of my site and most of the Web site, without a penny of the profit, but after a user's consultation, I found that the site can not achieve the root cause of profitability is not good enough to cross the road, the alternative path has not been found.

First, the website of the nursery must use the professional forum to promote, did not promote where to flow, and now many moms in the Internet forum to discuss the baby related things, so want to their own nursery site can get more traffic, then in the initial time must go to promote, in the nursery forum to register an account, And then through the replies or exchanges with people, the indirect will reveal their own web site, this way to promote not only will not arouse the suspicion of moderators, on the contrary many times the moderator will also point to open your website to see.

Second, the baby's web site in the possession of the time to learn to the Amoy Web site into the article inside, this is also the core of my site can be profitable, I this kind of child-care site and most of the Taobao guest site is not the same, I did not direct the product to show out, but through the way of hyperlinks to hide the product in the article. For example, I introduce mother to the baby pay attention to the problem of diet, then I will introduce in the article that the mother in the diet for the baby, can not forget the quality of fiber, and then the Amoy link address added to the back, so many users can click into the Web site so that the transaction volume, you finally get the transaction commission.

And finally, I've created a picture of a baby in the nursery website. Added comment function, every month to review the first baby sent a rag doll, this is my marketing way, through this method there are many mothers will go to observe the children of other people's home, and then comment, Invite more friends to enter the site for their children to comment, so that the site has formed a cycle, even if you do not deliberately promote, the site's fixed traffic should only increase.

In this way my site has accumulated dozens of fixed customers, although not a lot, but I continue to work hard, here I would also like to remind some webmaster in the operation of such sites must pay attention to the place.

1, pay attention to the function of the page, many baby mothers are holding the purpose to, if your site does not have the corresponding demand symmetry, then some of the flow will be lost.

2, Taobao after the store must find the best in the same industry, even if the Commission is not a little relationship, this is to ensure that the trading volume to improve the basis of trust, or you let users down then your site will slowly lose popularity.

3, the site should give gifts, will not give gifts of the site is not a good site, although my site only send out a cloth doll every month, but this is limited edition, and I will be on the cloth doll to indicate how many, or a lot of mom need, I also suggest that the same industry site can do it like this.

As a common small webmaster, I do not have a lot of funds to do promotion, there is no special relationship, so only rely on their own sincerity to win the success of the site, through several sites of success, I believe that my sincerity will win the trust of users. Here I also share my another weight loss drug rankings website, just on line more than 10 days, hope to be successful, also please support me a lot, thank you.

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