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2 months ago I was a total of the caterpillar, often read the webmaster Net predecessors of the article is all cloud fog around, worship, what HTML, PS, collection, SEO, God! Too advanced is simply the month of the Moon Tan, said the establishment of a simple station, who said Ah! It is a blow to self-confidence! Okay, Although I built a station knowledge poor but have to do webmaster fever constant enthusiasm and do not sleep the death of the Spirit, Hee! That is, this shining point can let me in countless difficulties in front of the ground and then stand up, there is passion, there is passion, there is motivation, I was in the passion of catalysis, successively learned PHP168, Div/css,php,mysql,ps.

Speaking of this, I first report on their small progress, I really already can use PHP regular expression to do some collection of pseudo original replacement work! By rewriting the php168 collection program, I now just enter the address and the parameters on the mobile browser address, A predetermined collection of multiple classifications can be automatically executed and set the date by the specified parameters to collect the audit status, and so on, this improvement to the work of the group I save a lot of time ah.

Hey, I really know, I have little progress, just a small literate stage, and predecessors advocated by the content optimization, SEO optimization, network promotion is still a big cut that, so I come here in addition to want to give the same as the Caterpillar play Pep, but also with the predecessors to learn the purpose of modesty, So please the predecessors less to give me some blows (hey hei), more guidance to suggest it, Bugs here to thank the first! I am here to share with you a little experience, hope that later worms can learn from the experience of less unnecessary detours.

Recommendations are as follows:

1: Before you make a stand, make sure you have the enthusiasm and time to do the website.

Do not believe that the site is easy to say, the correct statement should be easy to build the site, content creation is difficult, content is the core of the website, it is necessary to spend the mind and time to design and create, only in time to update the content to attract users, so before building a station must consider whether they have enthusiasm and time to create content, Do not because of a momentary impulse to do the website, it is difficult to stick to drip.

2: Choose a good site program to make the website

For the worm without technical force, I do not suggest to write their own web site, now there are many mature network construction procedures, such as Php168,dede CMS eshop, with these procedures can quickly build a full-featured website, the site only need to enter the contents of the content on it! Of course I don't mean to say that bugs do not have to learn any technology, in fact, if you want to edit some of their own things, or improve the deficiencies of some programs, learning technology is still very necessary.

3: Do not frequently change the site's title, description and keywords

I strongly recommend that the site of the bug should be formally submitted to the search engine must determine the title of a good site, description and keywords, avoid submitting frequent changes.

This is because the search engine is very important to the title and description, popular title and description is used to explain what you do, always change to go, search engines do not know what your station do not include, or that frequent changes are deliberately SEO optimization behavior, so that the use of the site included.

4: First design content structure and then add content

I did not design the content structure in advance, in the process of making changes in the structure, the result of a lot of content of the classification changed and changed, wasted a lot of valuable time, so I suggest the first design structure and classification before adding content to avoid doing no work.

5: article as far as possible original, avoid blindly a large number of replicated collection

Search engine favorite original article, so I suggest that the worm more time to do the original, in fact, I said this is very contradictory, original is good, but for our personal webmaster which have so much time original Ah! So the compromise is reproduced and false original work together, a reasonable proportion is original 20%, collect 80%, do not 100% reprint Oh, otherwise the search engine will soon identify the content of a large number of copies of the site will be included in abeyance.

Ah, said ashamed Ah, front-end time is not master good collection of degrees, the results of GG identified the problem, now for a long time there is no snapshot update! Woo ... All right, the first piece of the literate article is here, next time to continue. Webmaster Network is a good place to learn communication, I really hope to learn more and more knowledge here to help more worms literate.

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