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The promotion of local portals, including online promotion and offline promotion, due to the particularity of the local portal station, the promotion of the offline to a certain extent, more important than online promotion! Below we will share below the local station line promotion experience! The local portal station's offline promotion, I according to the webmaster and operation side of the strength is divided into burning money-type promotion and grassroots promotion! Of course, more local websites are the combination of these two ways of operation, just according to their own actual situation, to grasp the proportion of the money and grass-roots!

What is the promotion of burning money?

is the webmaster and operators have a certain amount of capital strength, want to be in a short time as soon as possible! In the cost and time two options, pay more attention to the short time effect!

Grass-roots promotion, is a lot of grassroots webmaster face problems. Do a local station, spend money to buy a server or rented space, pockets do not have much money, want to use as little input to achieve the effect of promotion. Grass-roots promotion is to let us use diligence to make up the gap in funding.

What are the specific ways to promote the local portal station?

Based on their own operations and with other places to learn from the exchange of friends learning summed up the following:

Burn Money Promotion Way:

1, Mass message: Although it sounds very old-fashioned, but this way is very useful! Just according to the actual situation, need to do some flexibility in the content and operation, especially the mass cycle is very important, the proposal two months, the specific reasons everyone is clear, here do not dwell on!

2, large-scale outdoor advertising: the choice of advertising is very important! For example, Highway City entrance, the best local pedestrian street, Subway Center station, local through the most of the public transport lines. The entrance to the freeway was the first impression of every coming to the city, to catch them; the best local pedestrian street has a large number of people, the expansion effect is very good, and the bus line is a mobile propaganda car, choose a good or a few bus lines, let your local portal into the city of thousands of households!

3, local newspapers: xx morning paper, xx business newspaper, XX Evening News, etc., do not choose XX daily or XX times, to choose the people often read newspapers.

4, Business activities: Computer city, fashion show, auto Show, people singing competitions and so on.

Grass-roots promotion methods:

1, leaflets: leaflets designed to be comfortable, outstanding features, to meet the hearts of single person. Flyer promotion needs to note the following points:

Billing time: Each month fixed time to send;

Billing Venue: Pedestrian street Entrance or exit, university, etc.

The billing must let the staff wear the clothing which has the logo;

Billed must pay attention, do not throw leaflets everywhere are, even if the guests throw away leaflets, but also to take the initiative to pick up, to leave a good impression on others!

2, the organization of public welfare activities: sweeping the street for show, to send warmth to the home for the show, rescue the difficult crowd activities. In the organization of public service activities, we must pay attention to, although your goal is to promote the website, but your activity is a commonweal! need word of mouth!

3, the student promotion: Each place has the school, regardless of the university or the middle school, all is may use the resources, here does not suggest the elementary school promotion, hehe! Way: For example lets the student register the website, lets the student collect original information and so on!

4, in the travel site to publish the local travel strategy!

5, the release of local food strategy!

Of course, there are more ways to share with you!

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