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The last time in the "Local portal site unlimited future webmaster to join the need to reconsider," mentioned the local portal site's future is unlimited, for the Webmaster transformation provides some small suggestions.

Have the stationmaster considered well to start the transformation? or some of the more rapid movement of the webmaster is already in transition? Whether the webmaster is now in the thinking or in action, webmaster Network ( Wen Yang also give webmaster a little tips, for the webmaster in the road after the transition to provide warm companionship.

Whether a website can survive, whether the key to make money for stationmaster or whether this website can provide the information and help for Netizen, is it really valuable to netizen, whether can attract netizen, increase website stickiness. Think carefully about all of these most important is the quality of the site.

The quality of a website is good, can attract Netizen's eyeball. As the saying goes, good wine is not afraid of Deep alley, although in this self-promotion era, but no good quality, even if you sell better, netizens earshot, only temporary flow is not a long-term solution. To really do a good job in the local portal site, webmaster will strengthen the quality of the site, so that the capital to do network promotion, in order to get a long-term flow.

In fact, this truth is not difficult to see the webmaster in the side of the station, webmaster nets, Eric Nets, portals and so on, these sites why every day there is such a high flow, why a lot of webmaster, netizens are their loyal members? It is because they pay attention to the quality of the site, for webmasters to provide the most needed advice, At the same time do a network promotion so that more netizens, stationmaster know them, slowly believe them, depend on them.

Not just these sites, this year's first China Internet brand Conference of the "local portal Top ten brands" in the Yunnan Network, Jing Chu network, Hualong Network, Taihu Lake Pearl Network and so on, are daily clicks in tens of millions, do not have a good website quality, I believe that the site is not so high click-through. Therefore, we stationmaster must imitate the model to manage oneself, slowly surpass others, finally in unceasingly surpass ego, obtains the highest self-realization.

1, pay attention to the site's content planning program. A good site, to give users a clear picture, an accurate column classification, so that users with the fastest time to find their most wanted to find information.

2, pay attention to the stability of the site, a Web site is always the problem of the server, can not easily open, or is half a day can not open, so invisible during the loss of a lot of netizens, after all, time is money.

3, the content of the website should be targeted. We do the local portal, it is necessary to address the local information, according to the needs of local people to do the collection of information, set the needs of the masses is the important principle of our local portal site. Last time also said to do the professionals and not blindly seek wide, do not make the local portal made a consultation network, the national information will be published, that not only attracts the local people, more attracted to other areas of netizens, that is not worth the effort.

Information collection for the local portal webmaster is very difficult to provide some information but can not find the source, so it is necessary to take full advantage of local media, in the more authoritative website or newspaper to collect information every day, such a method is only the beginning of the practice, is not a long-term strategy. When your site gradually began to be known, not only to other places to collect information, but also to provide some exclusive information, so as to attract more netizens. The best way is to contact some merchants, help them to do some coupons for their promotional and promotional, but also promote their own website, long-term cooperation, as long as the guarantee of credibility, many businesses will be their own information available to you, there is the best source of information. Business information is just one aspect, and in the last article, there are some activities to increase the collection of information to the public, to do some local questionnaires, to learn what they want to know most, and to increase the number of websites to attract netizens.

4, of course, essential is the original article, to attract spiders. The process of writing the original is a process of perseverance, perseverance to get the final victory. Update every day, adhere to the original, spiders will be more and more diligent, not only the quality of the site, weight also increased, the method of both.

5, the link is also the quality of the site a sign, if your site has some high weight links, but also a single chain, your site's weight will be able to upgrade, and these high weight sites on your site is also always remind the webmaster to improve their site quality, play a role model.

The future of the local portal site is unlimited, you have to grasp the opportunity to create miracles for yourself, but keep in mind: Local portal site to continue to move forward, the key to do the station is to strengthen the quality of the site.

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