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January 11, the latest news, by the United States Trion World receptacle game maker development, with a strong fantasy of large-scale RPG games "fissure Tarana God domain" since the 2010 public has been the attention of countless players.  Today, Trion World receptacle Public the "Rift Tarana" the latest game screen, in the public screen is mainly described by the magic of the forest scene covered, in addition to the role of the game is also a certain feature of the public. The "fissure Tarana" game background is set in a world-wide event caused by the fragmentation of a fractured universe. The biggest bright spot of this game is that there is no occupation limit, seamless map, the task is automatically generated by the system, players can choose Warriors, wizards, priests and thieves and many other occupations, can also choose up to four career to play, and according to the situation to change the personal career, enjoy a variety of game fun. (Digging the shell net)
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