The main cities sold more than 20 billion last week

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Last week, the Shanghai stock index high volatility, and then hit new highs, but turnover has shrunk.  Big Wisdom Super Win data show, the main two cities hot holding steel, selling real estate, banks, within a week, the cumulative net selling 20.9 billion yuan. In the course of last week's pan-market shock, coal oil, medicine, brokerage plate performance outstanding, in turn, Rose 4.13%, 3.55%, 3.24%.  The performance of insurance, construction and power equipment decreased by 3.08%, 2.12% and 1.93% in descending order. Big wisdom according to large single statistics, only steel, coal oil, brokerage, electrical appliances and other plates appear net inflow state. Iron and steel plate has accumulated a net inflow of 851 million yuan, Baosteel shares, Handan Iron and steel, TISCO stainless steel, MA steel shares, such as the increase in the warehouse signs obvious.  The index stocks in the coal-oil plate, PetroChina, has a net inflow of 215 million yuan within a week, Taurus energy, coal gasification, coal energy, Lu ' an ring can and other varieties are also favored. Electrical plate of Qingdao Haier is the most preferred species this week, 5 trading days accumulated net inflow of 381 million yuan, Shuang Liang shares, Gree electric appliances and other varieties are also favored.  Securities companies are mainly macro-source securities, the Yangtze River Securities, Citic Securities, capital inflow of national Yuan securities is obvious, the stock-holding brokerage variety of Liaoning into a large fund is the main cash inflow of 182 million yuan. Real estate, non-ferrous metals, banks and other sectors have been the main funds abandoned. Real Estate plate 5th in a row of cash outflow state, Vanke A, Zhangjiangko, beichen industry, Wantong Real estate, etc. was a large reduction. The Bank plate of Huaxia Bank, ICBC, Bank of Communications, Construction Bank, as well as construction machinery plate of China Railway, China Railway, Chinese Railway Bureau, both in the last week showed a more obvious net outflow state of funds.  Non-ferrous Metal Plate Zijin Mining, Western Mining, Jean Nickel, Baotou Steel rare earths, Yuyuan Mall, etc. ranked in the forefront of the plate reduction. On the other hand, with the weakening of the market profit effect, the active degree of the hot money also weakened obviously than last week.  East Wu Securities Hangzhou Wenhui Road, Oriental Securities Shanghai Baoqing, Galaxy Securities Ningbo Jiefang South Road and other business departments in the deep Room A, Wuzhou Pearl, Qingdao Haier and other varieties of active, bio-pharmaceutical hot stocks, the emergence of Everbright Securities Shenzhen along Shennan Blvd, Ping ' an securities Shanghai Lingling Road, such as capital of the capital sales. Market participants pointed out that last week a-share market trend and the main capital of the direction of departure, the future hot spots will likely to be more and more short, hot spot fluctuations will likely be more and more quickly. As a result of the relative shrinkage of the market hot money, the phenomenon of repeated speculation, so that some of the subject of the risk of a sharp amplification.
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