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Soft Wen shun the "hard advertisement" of the weak rib, change "puff" for "he sold his boast", "soft wen not ' soft '" to describe as if not a point. As we all know, now the consumer of "hard advertising" has a kind of resistance, therefore, "hard advertising" for the brand or products to enhance visibility to make a significant contribution, but it is difficult for the brand or product accumulation very good reputation. This time, the need for soft wen. For example, we are familiar with the brain platinum is by virtue of "hard advertising" + soft text in the marketing has been a great success.

At the same time, the creation of soft text requires deep writing skills, from the soft text title to the text of the soft text, each link is no exception, and have higher requirements. For example, the title on the basis of accurate expression of the theme is also concise and innovative, can attract the reader's attention, and willing to spend a certain amount of time to settle the matter and so on.

However, the creation of soft text has the ability to write and skills is not enough, deep and skillful writing skills can only be regarded as "tactical" on the advantage. The author thinks that from the trend of social development and brand communication, soft writing must have the advantage of "strategy", namely: the creation of soft writing should speak "de", bear a certain social responsibility, not for a moment of stimulation and benefit, "nonsensical indiscriminate blowing, irrelevant blow", otherwise not only difficult to play the actual effect, And it can cause great damage to the brand itself.

As the saying goes, a person can not deceive all people at all times, we can be sure that "a brand of soft text can not deceive everyone at all times." Some people might say that we were meant to "shoot a gun for another place" and never wanted to do it for long. This is more problematic, this "earn a vote on the go" mentality is a lack of moral mentality, not only will cause harm to society, eventually will end up a "move up a stone to their feet", China's home appliances market, health products market many brands have to Lok Ma, I think, this situation with this must be unrelated- Home appliances market and health care products market are popular play some of the concept of non-existent, the function has never had a vivid, marvellous, take the consumer when the monkey play, of course, its purpose is to consumers pocket money out.

Today's consumers are becoming more sensible, and the situation of asymmetric information is gradually improving. In such a situation, do not pay attention to the integrity of the soft text must be difficult to achieve the desired effect. For example, we are familiar with the weight loss market, the soft text of the "Fucqua" has been prevalent, but can obviously feel the effect is not as good as before. The reason is very simple, that is, after the consumer fooled, coupled with the media on a number of "deception tricks" of the frequent exposure, rarely will be fooled second time.

Therefore, the actual creation experience, the author of the following simple talk about "good faith soft wen" creative points.

One, there is no characteristics of the product or brand, resolute can not carry out soft writing, or the creation of the soft text are a bunch of irresponsible boast, empty talk. For example, the growing "air conditioning war", a large number of soft text to preach about the health of a series of concepts, most of them are "mouth said" effect.

Second, there is no actual efficacy or even harmful products, resolute can not carry out soft writing, otherwise not "wicked" is also difficult. We can try to think about, the fall of the health care brands have a few brands of products are effective? There are a few brands of weight loss products on the body really did not hurt? However, we see the soft text propaganda is "green", "Sunshine", "special effects."

Third, for the characteristics of the product or brand to dig deep, fully understand the product or brand features, efficacy and connotation, and then use extremely concise words to generalize, that is, "create the concept" to facilitate consumer understanding. For example, Haier washing machine introduced the concept of "washboard wash" is a very good concept, both practical and easy to understand consumers, on the basis of the creation of soft text is very helpful to spread widely.

On the basis of "three", the creator of soft writing should fully understand human nature, grasp the level of human needs and respect consumers from the heart. Only in this way, soft paper creators can stand in the consumer's perspective, based on the interests of consumers to create soft text. Moreover, only first consider the real needs of consumers, so that consumers feel the real benefits, the soft text will be possible to produce practical results: improve sales, brand, truly "soft", and promote business and consumers to achieve a "double win".

However, look back to see the reality, although similar "good faith soft wen" voice gradually rising, "good faith soft wen," the number is also increasing, but "boast soft wen" "Sphere of influence" is still relatively large, This requires enterprises and soft paper creators together to enhance their moral awareness and sense of responsibility: Enterprises will devote more energy to consumer beneficial research and development and production, soft writers away from the "evil-aiding" of the professional ethics trap.

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