The major electricity supplier giants have sounded the horn into the countryside

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Central News Agency, Hangzhou, July 13 (Reporter Ma Chuang) According to the Voice of China "Newsletters" reported that at present, with the capacity of urban residents to become saturated, relying solely on the first and second tier cities have been unable to support the electricity supplier business At the same time, the "Internet Economy in Rural Areas" has quietly started and developed rapidly as the dividend of "City Internet Economy" gradually subsided. Recently, the major electricity giants have sounded the horn to march into the countryside.

"Not only can go abroad, but also to the countryside; tall up into the New York Times Square, get down to the countryside can be painted red brick." From the fourth quarter of last year to March of this year, Jingdong (27.04, -0.66, -2.38%) brushed 8,000 banner ads in more than 100 townships across the country, purchased 3 caravans, ran 100 towns and cities and launched a series of rounds of publicity campaigns in the rural market.

At the same time, a "county assembly" was held in Hangzhou. The organizers were not government departments but Alibaba Group, which attracted hundreds of district-level leaders. Two giants together shot, the tide of e-commerce is sweeping the vast rural land.

Since last year, the walls of many towns and villages have been repainted. The above slogan has not only been "boys and girls are the same," "China Mobile has good signals," but has become " Rely on the Jingdong "," life wants to be good, quickly on Taobao, "" fellow see fellow, shopping to Dangdang "... ... Since last year, Ali, Jingdong, Dangdang began to sink online shopping business to villages and towns and even village level. E-commerce battle is starting in the village field. Taking Jingdong as an example, from the end of last year to March of this year, they brushed 8,000 wall advertisements in more than 100 townships across the country. Jingdong plans this year, one after another docking around the country about 10,000 rural information service stations, as a network purchasing point, as well as rural logistics distribution stations and self-mention point.

Another means of publicity is caravans, Jingdong bought three caravans this year, divided into three routes through 100 towns for publicity. However, the Jingdong caravan in the country road is not alone, Ali Group also introduced caravan activities in the countryside, Ali Changzheng manager of public relations said that they will be directly installed on the caravan appliances, so that the local People see real products.

Long March: caravans will show the kind of large appliances at the scene, the prototype, at the same time consumers can scan code directly to the scene, after the order can be delivered home.

Earlier this month, a "county assembly" was held in Hangzhou. The organizers were not government departments but the Alibaba Group, which attracted hundreds of county leaders. Some media even directly hit the title - "Ma please hundred county drinking." Although at that time, Ma Yun, who was present in South Korea at the time, lays a gun, it can be seen that even if Jack Ma is not invited, the county magistrates are willing to join the tide of e-commerce.

In Suichang County, Lishui, Zhejiang, the development of e-commerce in the area has been modeled. The "Rush Street Network" jointly set up by Ali has given Deputy Chief YE Zhao-Hui a face in front of other officials.

Ye Zhaohui: Through our network of people can buy cheap things, more selective. For example, we used to have a remote rural area. Before he started planting flowers, he bought a nutritional bowl and used to buy five cents in the town. Now he buys a penny on the Internet, which greatly saves the cost. Second, selling things. In the past two years, we collected information on agricultural and sideline products through the Internet. For example, we talk about a village, what will be listed in a month, and what we can sell recently. Once we had 10,000 eggs to buy, we could not have imagined it before, but now we can gather information quickly so that we can purchase 10,000 eggs in the county within three or four days.

For electricity providers to go to the countryside, the industry unanimously believes that the general trend, the desire for online shopping in rural residents to a greater extent than the city, because the local physical retail often underdeveloped, accumulated a large number of unmet purchasing needs. As the income gap between urban and rural areas narrows, the spending power of residents in counties and townships gradually increases. Users in counties have great demand for branded goods. Online shopping is the best way to release such demand.

Wang Xiangdong, director of the Information Research Center of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences: From the stage of e-commerce development, it has reached the stage of extending from the city to the countryside and from the central city to the third and fourth tier cities. From the demand and rise of rural e- Jingdong, Ali began to think of the layout of the county is a very natural thing.

However, the electricity analyst Lu Zhenwang reminds us that if we want to truly release the full potential of the township market, the establishment of a logistics system will still be the most urgent issue for the electricity suppliers. Whether it is Jingdong, Ali or other electricity suppliers, the current logistics system The level can not support their rapid expansion, the future, this will be their primary problem to go to the countryside.

Lushun Wang: Jingdong now no way to the countryside, are in cooperation with third parties to penetrate the township area. Taobao before the three links have been sent to the township. However, although the current logistics speed has been improved, it still takes a few days. It basically takes the first delivery to the county and then to the rural areas, doubling the time with the city, so I think that Need three or four years to improve logistics speed, level, and people's awareness of online shopping.

Although e-commerce companies have spared no efforts to build a logistics system in these years, they still can not solve the problem of reaching the "last mile" of the township. Behind the sharp rise in revenue, but did not really enhance the user experience. However, there are still many problems to be solved in the development of "rural Internet economy". How to pinpoint the market positioning, how to solve the logistics problems, improve the quality of service to users, is that these e-commerce giants more need to think about the issue.

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