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The news said that operators of the Tower company Brewing Executive Tong Gillo or as general manager of "TechWeb report" July 7 News, according to people familiar with the news, the three major operators to establish joint venture tower company is currently preparing senior executives. According to the news, among them, the general manager of the post may be the deputy general manager of China Unicom Bingiro. As of press, there is no organization or individual to explain this matter. In addition, China Mobile vice President Aili is likely to serve as chairman of the Tower company, but Aili not from China Mobile, so it may be more representative of China Mobile to participate in the Tower company board of Directors, the actual head of the tower company for the general manager. Earlier, there is news that the three operators have recently conducted a unified investigation of the tower and its supporting assets, intended to form the tower joint venture, and is expected to be listed in the third quarter of this year. An operator issued a notice that the local survey does not divide the accounting body, only fill out a set of forms, in the inventory of assets survey, only to fill in with the tower and indoor release related assets.
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