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The mobile internet era is beginning to come true, because smartphones are already fully popularized, so the mobile dividend is actually beginning to disappear. In the early days anything came out, including the app including the public account, you can get a lot of downloads or fans, and today, a few very hot app I am lazy to next, as for the public account is most people have started to unsubscribe or do not look at all, this is the end of the dividend. Angry Birds and fruit-cutting games will not be able to fire until today.

Since the mobile internet age, then and the internet era can happen a lot of different, some direction is likely to produce industry subversion, these problem giants also have no way, the only way is to buy, with money advantage to kill various future, this illustrates two problems, the first you can do, The second best is to be bought. Then let's look at a few changes that might cause subversion.

Free mode may be overturned

Free mode is the logic of the Internet, the logic of the Internet is very simple, a lot of free users, and then convert a small number of paid users to achieve business model. For a large number of free user base, free is almost necessary, fees are going to die hard to see. Even if your model does not accept the user money, will certainly import other such as electric business platform games and other places to collect money, so this is basically the most basic business logic of the Internet. This logic brings is the most profitable must be the entrance, Baidu is the search entrance, Taobao is actually also rely on the site search ads, Tencent, although not to do the entrance, but there is social viscosity, the same will be converted to toll users and game users, but also some people call social access.

If the free mode, there is any cultural support, it is cock silk culture. This is why the European and American toll model to death in China is very difficult to see the reasons, the level of social development is different.

But today, the culture of cock Silk has changed, when the cock silk has grown up, no longer to be proud of cock silk, and even shame, they become white-collar such backbone, and their children are no longer think they are cock silk, and even favorite is "and tyrants make friends." Now also claiming to be cock silk, has been the tail of the past era, not to be eliminated a group of people.

The most obvious feature of the mobile internet age is that there is no entrance, no one can grasp the entrance, even the micro-letter can not. Tencent, the world's largest gaming company, has been occupying the top of the iOS list for years, and has recently been robbed of the first of many days by the legend of the Sword Tower. and "Legend of the Sword" is by 360 and many other channels launched, in a most unlikely to subvert the field of subversion. It is worth mentioning that Tencent's micro-letter is also claiming to get the first mobile ticket, still cannot in their most powerful world first field to achieve absolute monopoly. Then there is no other area to say.

What is the breach of this monopoly? Paid users, but also high paying users. The proportion of players in the game is not more than 5%, but it contributes 80% of the income of this field. Tencent's hand tour to make a lot of money are casual games, relying on Tencent's powerful and incomparable active users, a large number of less pay to obtain high income. But the net swims the user not so many, pays but is higher, who grasps this batch of high paying user, who grasps the hand swims the income big head. You can be blunt to say that Tencent taught non-gamers to play hand tour, the general hand tour users pay, and then part of these paid users will change to the heavy hand tour of the high paying users. Taobao has fostered the user's habit of electric dealers to benefit the east, while Tencent-trained gaming users have benefited the industry.

This case is a little vertical, the fact is that there are a lot of valuable high paying users on the phone, you can ignore the feelings of a large number of unpaid users, as long as you seize this group of people, you can get a lot of income. Such things rarely happen in the PC era, in addition to the Shi Yuzhu of the "giant", in the age of the page travel is a lot higher, in the mobile era, almost every high income game is staged.

And recently, including Lenovo Jia Wo, Cofco I bought Nets, the original life of high-end agricultural products also began to wind up, also explained that the value of these high-end users began to be found.

Small and beautiful and 1000 fans

Before Ali put forward the concept of small and beautiful, I still dismissive, think from an industrial point of view, this kind of c2b customization is almost against commercial law. But from today's point of view, I think this concept is right, but still less likely to be implemented on the Taobao platform. Because the PC end of the flow is still too expensive, small and beautiful on the dead, but at the mobile end, this logic is completely no problem.

This is about to be pulled into the micro-trust circle, this is my most well-known field. Not watered down, after a year of development, my membership in the water million has been about 20 people (may be unstable in the swing up and down), more than 100,000 of the dozens of people may also be hundred, in other words, I may be the current micro-marketing the biggest channel, the monthly flow can be more than 30 million, the impact of conservative estimates should be millions of. This almost completely without operating costs of the sales model, can truly achieve small and beautiful, realize the millions of water, and some as long as the team of three people, the efforts of their own a person to add a mobile phone on it. It's really small and beautiful. From a cultural point of view, Feng Xiaogang's "Private customization" has opened up the starting point in this field.

There is a person to do training to me, said to be the first batch of training in China, can do 4,000 enterprises at the same time training classes, brilliant for a while. So many years of training enterprises countless, I said, this idea to today may change, before the kind of tough promotion may not be established, must do small and beautiful. What is small and beautiful, this can be said KK's 1000 fan theory to extend. 1000 fan theory tells us that 1000 hardcore fans are willing to give you a day's income to feed one from the media. If you rise to the enterprise, if there are 1000 enterprises identify with your value, each month to give you some service fees, as can live very moist.

Here we are going to discard the past of the bragging force, call, lead traffic, and then training, and then the loss of play. We should use small and beautiful standard service, to serve them, a one months to you 10,000, then is 10 million, a year is 120 million. As long as the rate of loss is lower, the more you can accumulate, the bigger you will be. What we need to do is not the past of the kind of flicker and packaging, but the actual stability can be assessed by the Internet services to complete the enterprise's Internet transformation. This is small and beautiful.

Someone wrote an article saying, how to win your top 1 million users, and I'm going to tell you that the most important thing is how to win your 1000 hardcore fans. And according to my practical experience, once this group is established, they help each other to solve most of the problems, you will pay less energy, and the value of the group will be higher, the only difficult thing is that you have enough level and intelligence to control. Because of fragmentation, the mobile end is not as good as the PC side. Because it is difficult to import a large number of users, and users by looking at your previous behavior, you can see exactly what you are and what level of people.

Emotional marketing and experience

Before the product is not emotional, marketing is almost all advertising marketing. From the mobile internet age, the social age, marketing began to have feelings, which is also called fan marketing. Now if you do not do fan marketing only advertising, in the mobile phone is already a heterogeneous, and mobile phone is the real mobile Internet portal, the field began to change, deserves our attention.

In the industrial age, products are products, advertising is advertising, there is no emotion. And with the spread of the channel of fragmentation, the influence of CCTV is also greatly reduced, like Taobao such as the electricity quotient, the previous focus is drainage, now the focus is still drainage, but the old customer maintenance also began to become more and more important. And for the consumer, the new customers are almost lost money, must rely on new customers after the consumption, to find the new cost. The focus has been on price attraction, and the effect of low price attraction has been getting worse, and the value of services is getting higher. This is why the rise of Jingdong and Taobao slipped. Because the service can bring a better experience to the user, and the better experience will build the emotion, the emotion will reduce the loss, increases the trust. The product quality is not good before the user is angry, now the product quality is not good, we saw some mobile phone repair many times, fans will still be happy to buy and then recommend the whole family to buy. These are the importance of emotional marketing.

Many people here have a misunderstanding, there are several characteristics of emotion, the first personalization can not be replicated, you can not have the same feelings for different people. Second emotion is to be built slowly, not so much at first sight. Third, emotional maintenance is to be attentive, otherwise it is easy to turn black powder. So quick to make a fan is certainly not to do, and for marketing, do a good product is the most responsible for the fans, but also the biggest contribution, so slowly do products, often have more real fans. Fans are willing to spend more money to buy products they think are sincere, and need to pay attention to, do not use low prices to do gimmicks, so the harvest will not be true fans, but only cheap.

Burger King once had a fan test, and anyone who canceled attention to Burger King would get a McDonald's burger, with their fans reduced from 38000 to 8000. The payoff is that the rate of interaction has increased five times times, and the rest are all loyal fans. All you have to do is maintain these 8000 people because they are real fans and they will help you advertise and bring in more new users, whether you give them the benefit or not. Yes, the new era, we need is to find these 8,000 people, or even 1000 people, that is afraid of 100 people!

If summed up in a passage, the internet age, is the era of quantity, while the mobile internet era is the era of efficiency. Because the world is fragmented, users are fragmented, the industry is fragmented, time is fragmented, channels are fragmented, and without a portal, you must cherish any user you can retain. Of course, I do not doubt that Giants can continue to acquire these users through acquisitions, but I also believe that the continued fragmentation of the rise will allow the Giants to gradually lose the ability to acquire, because it will eventually become too much, too fragmented. Maybe everyone has their own fragmented clients, and even a housewife, there are probably 10 of people who buy the freshest baked bread from her for a long time.

Everyone has a chance, but you have to change the old thinking first.

Wen/Zong Ning

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