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Business News (reporter Wu Wenji) gome inside the open has been nearly one months, as of yesterday, the September 28 general meeting of the official Showdown Day still have 26 days. has just entered the modern enterprise management system of Gome, and was pulled back to the family system and professional managers intersection.  Huang and Chen both said it was for the better development of the enterprise, but in trying to distinguish what is the negative, injured is what they threatened to protect the object-Gome.  Beijing's Gome staff, who are busy selling gold and silver ten, may not notice yesterday's news, but the news could affect Beijing's next relationship with suppliers. Yesterday, there is news that Gome's unlisted companies in Beijing, Gome liabilities of 2 billion yuan, and pointed out that Beijing Gome's huge shortfall from the "blood transfusion" for Peng-run real estate caused. News, called the unlisted company owner Huang Guangyu side of the strong counterattack. Another news message yesterday was as much of a concern as a liability rumor. Some sources said that recently, the mainland private enterprises to pay an annual return of 20 of the conditions, to draw other mainland billionaires to invest in Gome.  The private enterprises claimed to stand on the side of Huang Guangyu, hope that other people in the special shareholder meeting to support Mr Huang. Gome's This fight, Huang Guangyu and Chen Xiao No matter who wins, will be a "black and blue" of the United States, and their original intention is contrary. The "Rashomon gate" between Huang and Mr. Chen has made people have to think about a question: what is the focus of the two-man battle?  Mr Huang hopes the yellow family will regain control of Gome by dismissing Mr. Chen, while Mr Chen believes a public company cannot become a "tool" for big shareholders. In the final analysis, Gome's struggle is a contest between the family system and the modern enterprise system.  The deep reason of the enterprise system divergence is that the family representative Huang Guangyu and the professional manager, Chen Xiao, have not grasped their own role in the development of the enterprise. Mr Huang is the founder of Gome, from the original retention of Chen as president, the development of equity incentive plan, and other examples are not difficult to see, Mr Huang has actually led Gome from the family system to the modern enterprise system took a step. The 2009 equity incentive scheme was seen as a transformation of the family-owned enterprise into a modern enterprise system.  However, Huang Guangyu to protect the family interests, proposed to remove Chen Xiao, Gome's system transformation may be aborted. Chen Xiao's "not part", is the Huang clan proposed to dismiss him the important reason. In fact, Chen Xiao-yu in the case after the incident to deal with the fund, has revealed that "no occupation." In the 2009 Bain and Gome agreements, Bain not only asked its 3 directors to enter the Gome board of directors, but also asked Mr. Chen to be Chairman of the board for at least 3 years.  In addition, Chen Xiao recently in response to conspiracy theory, said that the original had put all the assets of Gome as a guarantee to the bank loans. In Mr. Chen's view, it has spared no effort to solve Gome's financial difficulties, but these practices have exposed the position of the professional manager, which binds the interests of the company and its interest. Gome's infighting has allowed many business owners to start thinking about the problem of selecting professional managers.
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