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I've shared some small experiences in front of you, called "The Moon God Small fat: seo How to retain the browser mouse", and today we need to talk about not only the problem of holding the mouse, but with the network is accepted by everyone, slowly become a shortcut to solve the problem, how to retain customers, solve the final problem of customers to become the key , and this problem, I met today the most obvious medical site, so today I hope more good webmaster can share more excellent articles.

First look at the most hospital network SEM status:

1 Baidu bid high, but not shed.

Baidu in Google PR big update, for the collection station did a big baptism, and many medical stations have been affected, especially those forums to collect data on the medical station, and this change and the front of Baidu ranked big changes, but also related, and again reminded more long, Baidu bidding status is unshakable, If you only do seo,ok problems will ensue, so bid become a want to throw but can't throw away the money container.

2 to SEO and a large number of updates and plagiarism.

The medical station is undoubtedly a very informative site, and peers, have started to hire a large number of writers daily update a large number of articles, and some are not knowledgeable students, or laymen, began to write a professional disease article, write not to, simply on someone else's website copy over, modify the tail and add to, And this time in the Baidu screening, there is no doubt that the information has fallen to the seabed, thousands of webmaster from thousands of low hundreds of or even dozens of, but had to bring us a little reflection.

3 to keep the customer and play the window.

In the Medical Web site, window Chat is the most common, is also most see, even the most annoying tricks, a Web site first pop-up chat, and finally turned off, a minute to see a Web page and bounce out, in everyone talk about customer experience, who consider the user does not need when you old Luantan these windows, Users like also can't stand so frequent pop-up ah, so in order to retain the user to do pop-up chat box, but let a lot of medical stations lost users, or even business through thousands of IP, success rate only more than 10, this is not a tragedy?

Therefore, we still based on the above reflection, bidding can be done, but to seize those users must search the word, upgrade its conversion rate, so that users are not point, looked, ran, but to really and you reflect the needs; the update of the website is important, the number is the greater the better, but our network needs more valuable, Original, user-friendly and engine spider content, so how to do a good job of the content, attract spiders and serve customers, but also the webmaster to think of, and the window is only one of the impact of the retention of customers, and the problem of submission, the speed of the answer to the problem, or even the patient's phone response, etc.

Hope that the monthly God of small fat sharing, can help more webmaster have a little thought, can be more than a harvest, that's OK. webmaster feeds, welcome to pick, please note the author and the source. Thank you!

Author: the Moon God small fat

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