"The Morning News" doesn't bat a dad. Third party payment is such a transformation!

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In the cloud network every day a selection of scientific and technological media headlines!

1. Tencent Technology

Ctrip's face: Liang Jianzhang's courage and problems


Return two years time, Liang Jianzhang by the drastic reform let the trend of Ctrip screenwriters, but in its personal influence quickly climbed to the apex, to Liang Jianzhang is not an online tourism has been set, but more complex industry pattern.

More Internet Ctrip, also faced with the Internet's more brutal competition, perhaps the last quarter of the expected loss of news greatly surprised the industry, but Yuliang, no matter where to go regardless of the cost of barbaric expansion of the performance of the wolf, or with Cheng in the ticket business in the performance of the battle, All forced Ctrip to become more aggressive and aggressive.

It is not easy to maintain the current leading edge of Ctrip and even build the tourism industry empire. More than Ctrip insiders told Tencent Technology, Liang Jianzhang daily to maintain high-intensity work, not as calmly as before, the company's business requirements are more stringent than ever.

2. Sina Science and Technology

The new position of intelligent home: Intelligent Door Lock


Intelligent Door Lock is another expanding field of intelligent home. Can be traced back to more than 1000 years of the door may be the oldest historical source of household products, but in the intelligent tide may also be the most important and most sensitive products. Although the password and fingerprint and other keyless lock equipment has been developed for many years, but the industry has not really been hit. Can the tide of intelligent home bring subversion to intelligent door lock?

Compared with the traditional key to unlock, access card or password lock advantage is that you can not need to carry a key, or can be easily replaced by password, do not need to change the lock or reset the key. This kind of door locks more in the hotel or rental apartments in the application, rarely really into the ordinary family use. There are also many applications of keyless door technology in high-end automotive industry. But these are not really smart locks.

The current U.S. market intelligent door locks mainly include Kwikset, August, Lockatron, Goji, Danalock and other brand products. and the traditional lock business schlage, etc. are also eager to enter this emerging market.

3. NetEase Technology

CES 2015: Versatile wearable equipment is the future trend?


Wearable equipment is undoubtedly one of the key technologies. According to IDC, shipments of such products are expected to reach 112 million by 2018, up 4 times times from last year's figures. The Apple Watch even boarded the cover of Vogue magazine. Smart glasses and virtual reality head-wear devices such as the past in science fiction movies can be seen in a series of equipment have been published.

How will the situation evolve? At this year's CES, manufacturers will not only have to showdown on wearable equipment, but also try to compete for leadership in the future market. The Giants of wearable areas-Samsung, LG, Motorola and Intel-are expected to make their own big moves before Apple Watches are launched. and small-scale manufacturers have chosen to work with the traditional sports, health and apparel field giants in order to obtain a place.

But manufacturers need to confront a problem beyond technology: consumers will choose to buy an almost omnipotent product. Or independent, focused on different functions of the product?

4. Phoenix Technology

Shenboyang, president of the UK-China region: The last chance for Silicon Valley company to enter China?


Explanation: From Google to ebay, from Yahoo to MySpace, the US Silicon Valley Internet heroes have broken the Chinese market, but this has failed to block the strategy of leading the British into China. At the beginning of 2014, the English-Chinese version of the test edition was officially online, and Chinese became the 22nd LinkedIn official language.

Shenboyang: It may be the last chance for a big internet company in Silicon Valley in China, and I personally quite agree with that, because we have worked so hard.

5. Sohu it

No bat, Dad. Third party payment is such a transformation!


The blessing of micro-letter red envelopes, micro-letter payment in the last year to develop rapidly, as its bottom tool Tenpay finally farewell to the chicken era. Alipay also moved a lot in the last year, working very the richness of scenes and tools. With BAT's squeeze, other third-party payments seem to be in jeopardy. and Wanda holding fast money a drama, thoroughly put the payment to the "transition said."

In the Quick Money CEO Guoguang, it's just normal business expansion. Bat Kiss Dad Not everyone has, where are the other opportunities to pay? Kaulajun interviewed three companies outside of bat, and the bosses ' eyes almost all turned to offline scenes and internet finance. Yeepay paid CEO Tang that the need to pay for growth in the soil, electricity and social networking has indeed been occupied by Ali and Tencent, but offline scenes and internet finance will be the industry's two big blue sea.

6. Titanium Media

40 a year hand tour, new Tencent Mutual Entertainment swept 250 million heavy players


Tencent is no exception, it is facing the transition from the end of the mission to swim. At present, the end of the game to occupy the bulk of the revenue, but the growth trend of hand-travel has been unstoppable. In the research and development team, Tencent has surpassed the end of the team in both the number and the number of visitors.

They launched a total of 40 tours in 2014, of which 19 products occupy the first place in the free list, 8 games occupy the free list, the best-selling list first, in the best-selling list TOP10 up to 70%. Not chasing the explosion, emphasizing the whole category, boutique layout, the long-term vision of Tencent so that the domestic hand travel market half.

(Responsible editor: Mengyishan)

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