The most easily encountered problems in the early stage of building a new station

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1, do a good job on the Web site, not online after the search engines have been included in the site changes, so that the site in search engine rankings are a great impact.

Before I do the site, I made a general determination of the type of site I want to do, then according to Baidu Index selected a number of search keywords, but because there is no experience, so soon after the revision of the title several times, the template also changed several, this appeared a problem, originally the new station is very slow, just included and changed everywhere , gave the search engine a very bad impression, leading to my site in the first month of the search engine site home is always not, included slow, snapshots are not updated! So we recommend to do the site must be all OK, do not go online after the change!

2, the new station after the line do not rush to release soft Wen, like my station just on the line I have to increase the chain to add a few soft wen Chinz and A5 results of a few days outside the chain reached more than 1000, but my original text is not included, but also let the site into the Baidu's sandbox, site home are missing, just on the new station, Suggest a daily add site directory on it, not a lot to do outside the chain, especially soft wen, the new station does not have the weight, the original will also be the search engine that is the weight of the station! will only let their website be punished!

3, do not for the graph fast, on a large number of additions to the site content, I just did when I made this mistake, feel the content of their site is too little on the day to add dozens of content, because it is original and can not adhere to dozens of every day, which leads to a lot of content at a time, a release of the content will be a long time to be included , so I think the search engine compared to a dozens of days without the situation, more like a regular daily update a little content!

4, original content, try to update every day, before the acquaintance of a friend, to find me to exchange links, I see his website Baidu included are hundreds of thousands of, but there is no traffic, the result I found his station is all collected content, because it is not original, so basically there is no ranking, so there is no traffic! According to personal experience, As long as all are original content, general 100 or so, as long as included normal, then every day there will be more than 100 natural IP! As the contents of the following increase, traffic will continue to increase! Because Baidu new station update slower, even if included in general also will be a week to release, Google to much faster, I now this station generally a few hours will be included and will have rankings, today wrote an article also ranked to the first! As long as the original flow will certainly be more and more!

5, the choice of the content of the website, we often browse other people's website will find that some of the site article is not much but the traffic is very high, and some of the article time is very long is no traffic, this is the content in effect, write the article when you must pay attention to select a hot point that is to say someone search, If you're writing an article that no one is searching, where does the traffic come from? There is the article content page optimization, write an article must have a theme, must be around a theme to write, rather than unrestrained, so that the reader can not see, search engines can not see, Appropriate attention to the key word in the overall layout of the page to facilitate the ranking of a single page, so as to obtain more traffic, this can go to search the ranking of a good single page to study and study, this little Sina do well!

6, SEO and the promotion of the network or to learn a little, you can make your site faster development! Get more traffic! This is a lot of things, online a lot of search, their own to verify and summary which is effective!

This article is entirely a novice experience to share the exchange, welcome to exchange, write a good not to shoot bricks Ah! Finally, I wish you all the Web site can do the better, the bigger, My new station, interested friends can go to look at the Content page optimization, now more and more experience, single page can occasionally row to the first page, a day a page can also get hundreds of traffic! For the Novice's new station speaking I have been very happy!

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