The most popular foreign language learning application in China difficult to visit

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The Free online language learning website, which is dedicated to eliminating barriers between languages, has been published in the Chinese version of Duolingo, and has published its official Chinese translation: many neighboring countries. The website currently offers courses for Chinese users to learn English. Less than one months into the beta version of the site, more than 1 million subscribers are participating in the course. But Duolingo recently had mixed feelings about it, and even some frustration. On May 8, Duolingo Chinese courses in the relevant person in charge of Baidu posted on the user feedback, said that it either in the Web version or mobile applications can not login Duolingo services. Subsequently, several users also went to the forums on the Duolingo Web site to reflect similar problems, and said there was no access barrier through VPN access. This situation continues to this day and remains unresolved. When the problem first arose, they even guessed whether it was because they had set up a skill called politics in their course--the words that were categorized by the scene--and the service was blocked, but then the guess was rejected. Duolingo found that the problem was far more complicated than imagined. Duolingo's founder, Luis von Ahn, posted a post at the Duolingo Forum and sought more help from the Chinese region: as many of you know, we recently opened a course for Chinese users to learn English. Two weeks ago, the course released mobile apps on iOS, and in the first week, our users grew rapidly, almost to more than 1 million people. However, over the past 3 days, 30% of our users in China have been unable to access our servers. We do not know whether we have been targeted to restrict the service, but this problem only occurs in China, and most of the people who use China Unicom (although we are not sure if this is the case only with Unicom users). After a series of surveys, we found that access to our API domain name does not normally access, affecting our users. We are doing all we can to solve this problem and we would appreciate it if you could help us gather more data. If you are in China and have this access question, please email Our CTO Severin will ask for some information to help determine the specific cause of the access failure. At the end of the post, Luis wrote, "Free language education for the world ... At least when they can access our server. Coursera, who also did online education and MOOC courses, encountered very similar problems in the early days of entering China, although not directly to the wall, but they found that Chinese users were slow to access their video. Their coping strategy is to find a partner in China--The Nutshell net solves the problem for them. "It's a big problem," says Ji, founder of the Shell network. There's no video card.People used. The problem with server access is almost the first challenge for every overseas company to enter China, and Duolingo is also stepping up contact with Chinese companies to find solutions and fix access problems as soon as possible. In the first comment of this forum post, Duolingo user Jackelliot replied: "I hope this problem can be solved as soon as possible, this is an educational tool, it wants to be open to everyone."
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