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Absrtact: It is very difficult to obtain the direct authorization of international luxury goods, and the luxury goods counter under Chinese line is also concentrated in a big city such as Beijing and Shanghai. Online, consumers can browse a lot of luxury goods on their website and easily order

It is well known that the direct authorization of international luxury goods is very difficult, and the luxury goods counter under the Chinese line is also concentrated in a big city such as Beijing and Shanghai. Online, consumers can browse a lot of luxury goods on their website and easily order them. As the media continues to expose unscrupulous suppliers to sell fake luxury goods through the electric platform, the community has doubts about the source of luxury goods on the electricity business platform.

Billion power network through and the electric business platform and the industry's extensive exchanges, summed up the current electrical business to obtain luxury goods six channels, the credibility of these channels are uneven.

The most trustworthy channel is always the official

First, direct access to brand licensing, from the brand to take delivery, and to obtain sales rights

The former head of the luxury goods business of a transformed fashion electric company pointed out to the billion power network, because the brand Chamber of Commerce for the direct authorization of the price control, so even if the luxury brands officially to the electric platform supply, these goods in the Chinese market is also not competitive.

The electricity quotient platform aspect discloses, but because the brand side audits the control to be strict, obtains the luxury brand directly authorizes the electric quotient platform to occupy is also very low. "The name of the first-level distributor of such luxury brands as LV and Burberry is probably not even a 16-open paper. Burberry, for example, has signed an authorization agreement with only one electrical trader in China. ”

But the common international brand was quickly introduced into the Chinese market by the electric business platform. "These brands are not as high as luxury goods," said the platform. As domestic consumers in recent years to show the love of imported goods, the major electric platform are beginning to contact with international brands, and previously did not enter the Chinese market, the international brands also want to test the water through the electricity dealers. ”

Second, from the overseas brands of the counter to purchase

There are a lot of luxury electric Shangping to inform billion power network, "overseas direct mining is an important channel for international luxury goods, which is more easy than to obtain direct authorization of the brand." ”

The introduction of the electric business platform, in response to the channel, the country has given a lot of rapid declaration policy and tax policy, the domestic start of the pilot of the bonded policy also for some of the electricity merchants to provide concessions and convenience.

"Businesses that pass through regular channels still pay high tariffs and value-added tax." "The above industry personage to billion power network discloses, in order to guarantee the price superiority, many electric business platform will carry on the tax avoidance by various means."

--whether domestic or foreign dealers always play a question mark

Third, take the goods from overseas distributors

Some luxury-goods dealers say they can get more price advantages from overseas distributors. "These overseas distributors do not have strict price controls on the electric business platform, which is also an important reason why we can sell luxury goods and international big-name products at low prices." ”

There is a large proportion of luxury goods from the channel on the electric business platform. The industry to the billion power network to explain, because the United States and other foreign markets for fakes and other issues to control very strict, long-term operating brand distributors generally will not appear the problem of adulteration of goods. However, there are multiple uncontrollable factors in the distribution of the channel.

Four, take the goods from the domestic distributor

From distributors to take goods to become the domestic electric business platform popular practice, but the risk is also greater. The level of domestic distributors and the integrity of logistics and transit links may lead to electronic business platform encounter fake risk.

A luxury goods business executives say that a distributor with a formal mandate may also be adulterated in the goods. And some unscrupulous distributors will also forge authorization certificates and customs clearance vouchers.

--Amoy small suppliers without supervision mainly by conscience

Five, from many of the small and medium-sized suppliers in the sea to take the goods

"Because many international brands and luxury goods in foreign markets priced far below the domestic, so many people to the sea Amoy generous profit margins." "One of the sea Amoy, this channel often through the postal parcel to send goods in the form of escape tariffs and value-added tax, so can be low price for the electricity supplier."

The sea Amoy to blunt, in the electric business development process, the channel also played an important role, there have been thousands of sea Amoy small and medium-sized suppliers to the electrical platform for goods support. But these small and medium-sized suppliers do not get the Distributor or brand dealer's authorization, but only through the procurement of goods, so the channel of goods basically in unregulated state, completely rely on the sea Amoy suppliers consciously.

However, with the development of electric business platform, in order to better control the quality and price of goods, many electric platform began to reduce intermediate links, skip the sea Amoy suppliers, and directly with overseas distributors to cooperate.

——— informal channels must be fakes.

Vi. access to counterfeit imported goods through informal channels

It is undeniable that there are still a large number of counterfeit luxury goods on the platform. An electric trader who has been engaged in overseas import trade for many years points out that most counterfeit goods are produced in China and then disguised through a series of channels.

For example, a few years ago the media exposure of the da Vinci furniture incident, in the event of the business of domestic production of products shipped abroad, and then shipped back to China from abroad, obtained a variety of corresponding customs vouchers, in this way the domestic production of imitation as a cooperative brand of formal products.

There are merchants through the "Free trade Zone Day" means to change the origin of counterfeit goods and obtain customs vouchers, the goods disguised as imported goods produced in foreign countries.

In addition, Deep Throat revealed, like Cheung Peng Heng Industry as forged various documents, and then directly from the domestic acquisition of counterfeit goods suppliers.

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