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Shenzhen 95 Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "95 investment"), an unknown investment company in Shenzhen investment industry, almost no one knows.  August 2010, when S*st Bright (000587) holding shareholder Guangming Group signed a S*ST light framework agreement with 95 investment commitment to put 2 billion high-quality mineral resources into the light, it seems to be an incredible thing for many people. January 16, 2011, 95 investment five months after the appearance again: The company let Beijing Jing Tonghai Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing Tonghai") held s*st bright 200,000 non-tradable shares. "Huaxia Times" reporter in the investigation of the 95 investment background accidentally found that before the equity was let, 95 investment has just been shareholder changes, Wang Jizhou with 50 million capital to enter the company, and eventually hold 83.33% of the equity, become a major shareholder. Domestic capital market is renowned for the president of Yihe Capital also called Wang Jizhou, two Wang Jizhou will be the same person? After consulting several people in the industry, the reporter generally speculated that "it is likely to be the same person".  It is not difficult to imagine, if the domestic capital operation experts Wang Jizhou ingenuity, s*st light may be expected to "dream into reality." Reorganization smooth promotion of light furniture is originally a well-known furniture brand in Heilongjiang province, but in the founder of the Feng Yongming years "Toss", the company's performance plummeted, continuous losses, and face the risk of delisting.  In November 2009, Yichun Chinese Academy appointed a liquidation group composed of Yichun government personnel, and began a plan to restructure the light. August 2010, S*st Bright holding shareholder Guangming Group signed the "Restructuring framework agreement" with 95 investment. In accordance with the agreement, 95 of Investment (including its affiliates, the concerted action) after s*st light to complete the bankruptcy reorganization, share reform and other procedures, it is the mining industry has a complete industrial chain of the relevant quality assets or light group approved by other qualified assets in accordance with the terms of the framework agreement into S*st Bright, 95 investment will then become a controlling shareholder, and enable the listed companies to return to continuous operation and profitability, 95 of the investment also pledged to inject assets evaluation of not less than 2 billion yuan.  At that time, some investment bankers have pointed out that, because of the mineral resources compliance and other issues, from the current domestic similar companies in the case of reorganization, there is no listed companies can successfully inject such resources. January 16, 2011, S*st, a bright shareholder, will transfer 200,000 shares of its 777900 non-tradable shares to 95 investment. The two sides confirmed that the transfer of the share price of 10 yuan/share, the total transfer price of RMB 2 million yuan. This is the first appearance of 95 investments since the restructuring framework was signed last August. In s*st all announcements, the company's information has never been mentioned, and the Shenzhen investment industry almost no one knows the company, the shares of many investors even think it is a "shell company." But the unusually low-key company may not be as simple as one might think. Reporter recently in the survey 95 investment background accidentfound that January 11 the company has just made shareholder changes, a natural person named Wang Jizhou to 50 million yuan to enter the company, and to hold 83.33% of the equity, become a major shareholder. 95 Investment background of the reporter in Shenzhen Market Supervision Bureau of the information found that 95 investment was established on April 18, 2008, the legal representative Zhu Wen, registered address for the Shenzhen Futian District distinguished Times Square 801, registered capital of 60 million yuan, the company's business scope for investment in industrial, real estate development, Import and export business of goods and technology, and investment consulting. January 11, 2011, Wang Jizhou invested 50 million yuan into the company, the company's registered capital from the original 10 million yuan to change the current 60 million yuan.  After the change, the shareholders are: Zhu Jiawen 8 million yuan, accounting for 13.33%, Insurances Capital contribution of 2 million yuan, accounted for 3.34%, Wang Jizhou Capital 50 million yuan, accounting for 83.33%. In the domestic capital market, the famous president of Yihe and capital is also called Wang Jizhou. So is the Wang Jizhou of 95 investment the same person as the Wang Jizhou of the capital? The reporter through 114 inquires to 95 investment telephone, but dials the past is the facsimile number. Reporters consulted several industry insiders, and they generally speculated that "most likely the same person". "Wang Jizhou is the founder of the Yi and capital, has always been very good at Capital operation, the current market many enterprises IPO and mergers and acquisitions security is he completed behind the curtain, and from the previous case, similar to s*st light such a reorganization subject very to his taste." A Shenzhen investment banker told reporters, "not to mention 95 of investment has promised to inject 2 billion of mineral resources, such a big money is obviously not what the average person can do." "For 95 of investments that had previously played a role in S*st's bright restructuring, the person confessed," more like a ' capital broker ', first getting the project, and then looking for a party. Finally found the Yi and capital this has the strength of the party. "Reporter in the Yi and capital website See, Yi and Capital" founded 8 years, in assisting enterprise IPOs and mergers and acquisitions to achieve great achievements, successfully served nearly hundreds of listed companies, the industry's most well-known and most professional financial services organizations, the company's new development goal is "main private equity management, asset restructuring and listing mergers and acquisitions, Capital operation of financial advisers and corporate debt restructuring financial advisers, such as a number of operations. From this point of view, participation in restructuring s*st light and the company's development concept is consistent. For the company chairman Wang Jizhou Introduction is: "Domestic famous capital operation experts." In China's securities market theoretical research and practical operation of the field has a senior attainments, and in the relevant government departments have strong contacts. Successfully helped more than hundreds of Chinese companies to carry out venture capital and IPOs.  "Unfortunately, the reporter wants to Wang Jizhou himself to verify, but call the contact number on the website is empty." There are still a few ways to restructure success. It is understood that 95 of investment into high-quality assets is premised on the s*st of light after bankruptcy reorganization andReform and other procedures. November 25, 2010, after three times s*st bright land use rights, housing buildings, equipment, inventory and trademarks of the assets due to the absence of qualified bidders to participate in the auction, light group finally shot to 53 million yuan to win the underlying assets. "This step is vital. It avoids the risk of bankruptcy liquidation due to the inability of the company to implement the restructuring plan and clears the block for the rest of the work.  "Some analysts said to reporters. According to the reporter understands, s*st the bright stock reform and the bankruptcy reorganization actually is in the synchronous advancement. Company independent director Strand also said, "Share reform work has not stopped, just on the progress of relatively slow." "Previously, the participation in the s*st bright restructuring of the investment has signed a supplementary agreement with the company, as long as the end of 2010 to report the share reform bill, and by June 30, 2011 passed, can continue to implement the agreement." S*st the light of the reform of the current progress to which step? This reporter called S*st guangming Chairman Ma Zhongwen, "Can we not talk about this question?" I can't say it now. Ma Zhongwen told reporters on the phone that he had hung up the phone in a hurry to "have a meeting". However, according to reporters from other sources to understand the information, the company share reform by the restructuring of the impact of large, not completed on schedule. This also means that in the s*st light interlocking reorganization steps, want to get the real capital big guy, only the first step over the reform of this ridge.
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