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"Last year a friend bought a ailing insurance is good, I also want to buy a copy, who knows the insurance company told me this product has been discontinued last month." "Shenzhen white-collar small Zhang very puzzled asked reporters, how insurance will also be" out of stock "? Indeed, this year has joined the sale of the ranks of the insurance products have no less than 14, the current sale of these sales are mainly concentrated in the dividend-type insurance, universal insurance and return type ailing insurance.  Industry insiders pointed out that the cause of the sale is mainly the insurance company profit pressure is too big, ready to increase or cut interest rate after the new product, there are some of the products that the CIRC stopped. Insurance companies "bad" "many products are not to be carried out by the insurance company, and then with such a high yield dividend, the company will certainly lose money," a senior manager of an insurance company in Shenzhen told reporters that as the financial crisis hit, market interest rates are falling,  The actual income of the insurance company's investment has been lower than the predetermined interest rate of some life insurance products, but the dividend is still to be paid to the customer, the pressure of the insurance company is increasing. The most obvious is that last year, the main products of insurance companies "universal risk." The reporter learned that recently several companies have reduced the universal insurance settlement rate and even the sale of universal insurance. For example, Taikang Company since April quietly discontinued its insurance channel sales of the universal Insurance variety ——— outstanding Wealth 2007 Life Insurance (Universal). Huatai Life's Universal insurance products-wealth and wisdom, A/b also starting from this month in some cities to be discontinued ... Industry personage Analysis pointed out, the return upside down is the main reason that these universal insurance is discontinued. These policy accounts have a minimum guaranteed interest rate of 2.5% per cent, which is already above the current one-year fixed deposit benchmark rate of 2.25%.  With the increase in interest rate reduction, once the main investment varieties of universal insurance market interest rates close to 2.5% of the level, insurance companies will inevitably generate losses, so the sale has also become its helplessness. The scheduled interest rate of the dividend insurance is also a burden that some insurers cannot afford. A predetermined interest rate means that, without considering dividends, the cost factor and the related liability should be excluded, and the premium for the saving portion must reach the predetermined income. According to the relevant regulations of CIRC, the predetermined interest rate of dividends insurance shall not exceed 2.5%, and the minimum may be up to 2%. 2005 years ago due to the low market benchmark interest rates, companies to introduce a dividend risk of more than 2% interest rates. After entering the interest-rate cycle in 2005, the insurance company began to introduce 2.5% interest rate dividend coverage.   With market interest rates falling, insurance companies sold such products have been "a loss to make a yell", some of the more profitable companies have to suspend the sale of such products. Product upgrades and acceleration of course, there are some products are not discontinued is the normal "upgrading" of insurance companies. China Life agent Miss Liu told reporters that the annual best-selling insurance products are not the same, sometimes ailing insurance to sell, and sometimes a good sale of dividends, but also the customer's needs are constantly changing, so the company's products will be updated every year, but this year's capital market volatility intensified, together with the CIRC new regulation, product promotionThe pace of the class is obviously accelerated. For example, the CIRC issued in early February this year, "on speeding up the adjustment of business structure to further play the role of insurance security," the guidance made it clear that the insurance period should not be less than 5 years, the effective amount of insurance coverage is not less than 10 times times the payment of insurance premiums.  "Opinion" after the release, such as Peace "rich life" and a number of popular risks due to the term generally 3-year period, in succession under the new regulations have been discontinued. In addition, the newly amended Insurance Law will be formally implemented from October 1 this year, the newly added "non-plea" clause (that is, after the insurance contract has been established for a period of time, the insurer shall not refuse to pay insurance premiums or cancel the insurance contract on the basis of the applicant's obligation to disclose the important facts) is beneficial to the protection of consumers ' interests. But also increases the insured person's moral risk, thus will raise the insurance company's operating cost and the compensation rate, the insurance company may need to make the corresponding modification to some product's stipulation.
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